6 Top Best Most used SEO Web Page Analyzers For WordPress

6 Top Best Most used SEO Web Page Analyzers For WordPress
6 Top Best Most used SEO Web Page Analyzers For WordPress

6 Top Best Most used SEO Web Page Analyzers For WordPress

I f  your website is struggling with SEO results then see the 6 top best most used SEO web page analyzers for wordpress.

The web page analyzers can crawl your pages and pinpoint what your website is missing.

WordPress is widely used by 40% of the world and grows every single day, as more than a thousand website are created each day, but are these websites optimized for visitors?

Every website owner has a struggle with creating a good SEO stand in front of the other websites.

In fact most of the people are throwing a table of money just to rank for certain keywords as they dive into the more competitive ones.

But now we will not be talking about keywords and which ones are competitive or not.

If you wish to read about SEO and how you can start your SEO journey, take a look at our article on how to optimize your website for search engines


Web page analyzers can crawl your current pages and the links they are linking to (if internal) and give you back a result of how your website is performing.

Some of the web page analyzers are tracking the position of certain keywords and if they have ranked on Google or received a featured snippet.

When the page analyzer has finished its work it will display your results with certain metrics and pinpoint the parts that you will need to work on.

Most used SEO Web Page Analyzers – semrush site audit
The metrics that a web page analyzer gives you are beneficial for improving the SEO on your website.

It will not start driving tons of traffic over night, but it will help Google to understand how your website and your content are displayed.

Even by having 1 broken link on your website, can result in a big punishment from Google, as he does not like visitors going to a dead end.


By following the errors on your website you are not only going to improve the SEO, but also improve your search results on your website.

This does not happen overtime as mentioned above, but with a consistent amount of time, you can start gaining proper results.

Most used SEO Web Page Analyzers – semrush site audit errors
Once you start analyzing each error on your website and fixing the results, Google can crawl your website and see that there is nothing wrong with it.

So why not push it to a higher position?

It can take a lot time to improve your website and clean it from all the errors.

But I can assure that the results will be beneficial.

Nobody would visit a website with broken links or missing information.

Once a visitor joins a website, he does it to find information and by chance dig deeper to acquire the best from your website.

1. SEOptimer


Most used SEO Web Page Analyzers - seoptimer

Seoptimer is a cheap and problem solver web page analyzer, which comes at the cost of $19/month and lets you analyze and break down all the issues your website has.

Their DIY Simple plan offers every website owner to easily scan and see improvements and recommendations on his website to promote and achieve more.

Rather than paying hundreds for getting a single post optimized, SEOptimer can analyze and improve your website in a snap.

With their cheapest plan you get unlimited crawls and PDF reports, which can be reviewed offline and help you increase website results.

The highest tier plan of SEOptimer lets you generate white label PDF files with your own custom logo and supports 12+ languages and track up to 200 keywords.

2. Seobility

Most used SEO Web Page Analyzers - seobility

If a paid plan is something you cannot afford at the moment, Seobility takes our number one place on the best web page analyzers with its free plans and crawling up to 1000 pages.

Seobility is by far the best from the free web page analyzers for WordPress that offers 100 external links and free crawls per day.

With the free plan you get only 1 domain supported, 1000 pages crawled with 10 included keywords tracking and 3 competitor projects.

If you wish to upgrade your plan, you also get a 30 days free premium and afterwards it will cost $50/month.

Seobility’s premium plan costs $50 per month, but at this price you get 25,000 pages crawled and 25,000 external links crawled, with additional 3 domains, 30 keywords and 3000 competitor projects.

3. Semrush

Most used SEO Web Page Analyzers - semrush

As a more expensive, but better seo web page analyzer Semrush takes our third place.

Semrush does not offer a free plan like the other two websites with daily crawl limits, but Semrush offers much better in depth statistics.

The free Semrush plan offers only 1 project and 1 crawl per month with more statistics on how your website is growing.

It differs from the other web page analyzers, as its statistics are based more into optimizing your website for keywords and gives suggestions on how each page is behaving under the seo strategy you have implemented.

The montly Semrush plans start at $120/month, but what you get from them cannot be changed by any other website.

The first Semrush plan offers 500 keywords tracked and updated daily, along with keyword, domain and backlink analysis.

Per a search you get more than 10,000 results and a difficulty meter for each keyword and a filter to filter out keywords.

If the Semrush pro plan is not enough for you, you can try their Guru plan, which costs $229.95/month.

The semrush Guru plan lets you place 15 projects with 1500 tracked keywords, historical data, 30,000 results per report and 5000 reports per day.

4. Ubersuggest

Probably many of you have at heard at least one time Neil Patel, CrazyEgg and mainly Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest is a free online seo web page analyzer, which tracks the results of your website and returns them directly to you for the price of 1 free search.

Ubersuggest offers 3 daily free searches, which can help you find keywords, analyze competitor websites, track your seo results, or even check for creative content ideas.

The free plan of Ubersuggest as mentioned, offers 3 free daily searches, but if it does not suite your taste, you can always go for a monthly or lifetime plan.

The monthly Ubersuggest plan price is starting at $12 for 3 websites.

What you also get is 1000 weekly crawled pages, 20,000 keyword ideas and 2000 keyword suggestions.

As a beginner, this can help you kickstart your carier as a blogger or affiliate marketer.

For more advanced business owners, I would recommend their Business plan, which is priced at only $20 a month and buffs your membership 3 times more, than the individual membership plan.

If you are looking for a fast deal with no monthly fees, Ubersuggest offers one time payment plans, which price starts at $120 for an Individual plan and $200 for the business one.

As a beginner I would recommend going too far with the plans and start off with the Individual Ubersuggest plan for $120.

5. Moz

As a great and unique web page analyzer for seo, Moz is still not much used by the wider community, due to overpriced plans.

By just registering for a free plan on Moz, you get a pretty good domain metrics analyzer, which can tell you, how is your domain score, top backlinks and keywords, that you are ranking for.

If you would like to start a local business or a wordwide business, Moz offers pretty good plans, which can help you skyrocket your SEO results.

The Moz plans are fairly priced, starting with the Moz Standard plan for $99 per month and offers 3 campaigns with 300 keywords per campaign.

You get 100,000 page crawls per week (400,000 page craws per month with the Moz Standard plan), but only 150 keyword queries.

As for the Moz Medium plan for $179 you can get five times more than what you wanted with 2 user seats and and unlimited brand reports.

If you are willing to pay yearly for the Moz plans, you can get a 20% discound, which can be a fast return of your investigation if the web page analyzing is done properly.

6. The Hoth

The Hoth is a bit untraditional, but really effective seo web page analyzer, but has guaranteed the best results so far for most business owners.

You may usually stumble upon websites asking for flat price for their membership plans, but The Hoth operates a bit different.

Their plans do not have pricing, because they do not know what you will need for your website to get the best seo page results.

That is why in The Hoth you can book a call with them and after answering a few of their questions you can earn a big ammount of traffic on your website.

Not to mention that their prices are pocket friendly and you will not see a deep hole in your wallet if you start with them.

Each of the people that you may speak with for analyzing your website, is a highly skilled professional, who dedicates his time on optimizing your website, as per your needs and above.

The Hoth Free Seo Training

I would suggest checking out their free seo training, which helped me boost my results pretty high.

The free SEO training offered by The Hoth can easily help you decide if their services are good enough to optimize your web page to SEO friendly.

Weekly they send out secrets, which should have been sent only to people, who work with them, but we all know that they are pretty generous and look out for us.


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