9 Ways on How To Increase Outbound Clicks On Pinterest

How To Increase Pinterest Traffic
Pinterest Traffic
Learn the top best 9 ways on how to increase outbound clicks on pinterest in this article for free and thank me later.

Almost everyone struggles to increase their outbound clicks on Pinterest when they are just getting started. It’s something that takes forever when you don’t know how the algorithm works.

Though sometimes you can get a boost in impressions, your pins will generate only a few outbound clicks.

So, how can you make sure to increase your outbound clicks on Pinterest?

The fastest and easiest way is to understand the Pinterest algorithm and add your pins manually. Manual pinning will give you a huge initial boost in both impressions and outbound clicks. The next most important thing is to create viral pins.

Before we get started, I would like you to know that to be able to generate a lot of traffic from Pinterest, you must first understand how its algorithm works. Only then you will be able to make the right adjustments for maximum effect.

There are 4 ranking factors that you should take into consideration:

  • Your domain quality
  • Your pin quality
  • The pinner quality
  • The relevance of the topic

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How to Make A Full-Time Income (money) With Pinterest In 2021

If you abide by these 4 core principles, you WILL be able to see a huge difference in your outbound clicks.

For instance, in just 1 week your Pinterest account can generate around 3,800 outbound clicks to your blog.

As you can see, in just 1 week, I was able to generate 3,880 clicks to this blog. This was possible because I understand how Pinterest Algorithm works and I was able to make necessary adjustments that made a huge impact on my Pinterest strategy.

That being said, let’s see all the steps you need to maximize your outbound clicks so that you can generate at least 15,000 outbound clicks per month.

How To Increase Outbound Clicks On Pinterest

Below are the 9 best ways on how to increase outbound clicks on pinterest:

1.Design Your Pin So That It Can Become Viral

Designing a pin that can go viral is not that difficult. Actually, you should design all your pins in a way that they have the potential to go viral.

Though making all your pins viral is impossible, it is the only way you can be sure that at least a few pins can go viral and start to generate some serious traffic.

The thing with Pinterest is this: You will never know which pin can go viral. Actually what I have noticed with my account is that for every 10-20 pins I create, 1 tends to become viral.

Here is what makes a Pin viral:

1.The size of the pin. Vertical pins with an optimum size of 735 x 1,200 pixels perform best on Pinterest. But it’s better to try different sizes to know what works best for you. For example, you can try pins with these ratios: (2:3), (1:2), and (9:16).

I have noticed that pins with the size of 600 x 1200 tend to perform really well. Though Pinterest will tell you that the size is not appropriate, do give it a try as you will be amazed by its raw potential.

2.A good description. Having a good description of your pins is vital to get any kind of traction. Whenever people will see your pin, the description will help them decide if they should click on it to learn more.

You should also make sure that every pin contains at least 1 keyword. Having at least one keyword is crucial so that the Pinterest algorithm can push these pins to more users who are doing searches on Pinterest.

3.Fonts that are easy to read. You will notice that fonts that are easy to read usually end up in the top search results. Do not use any fonts that are funky and make it difficult for readers to read. People like things that are easy to read.

4.Use high-Quality images. Pins with a lot of space tend to perform better. So avoid adding too many pictures or elements on your pins. Your goal is to focus your reader’s attention on the title of your pin, not on other elements that add any extra pressure on the mind.

Though using premium pictures will come with a cost, you can find awesome pictures and graphics on PexelsPixabay, and Unsplash for free.

5.Use only a few hashtags. Based on my experience, adding 2-3 hashtags to your pins is enough.

6.Include your logo on every pin that you create.

7.Add a link to your blog post. All your pins should contain a link that is directed to your website. Also, don’t forget to double-check if your links are working.

These are the only things that you need to create a viral pin. Now, I am sure you must be wondering how a viral pin looks like.

2.Add Relevant Keywords To Your Pins And Boards

Now, how important are keywords to get traction on Pinterest? Well, they are as important as having keywords on your blog posts to get traffic from Google.

Many people think that Pinterest is a social media platform and they ignore the fact that using the right keywords can build a solid foundation for their overall interest strategy.

Trust me, once you start you use keywords on your Pins and Boards, you will start to get more outbound clicks.

So how can you use keywords effectively?

Well, it’s really simple. Head over to my detailed guide that will help you find and use keywords in a way that will make sure you increase your Pinterest traffic by at least 200%.

3.Create Enticing Titles That Intrigue People

I wish I knew the power of titles when I first started my blog. This is something that can change the direction of your blog forever.

And the funny thing is that is not complicated to create titles that will entice people to click on your pins.

Let me give you a simple, yet effective example:

Let’s say you have a pin on “Making money from home” and you have to create an enticing title.

Most beginners will create a title like “How to make money from home” which is too broad and will not generate a lot of clicks.

But if you add a few words that either create urgency or intrigue people, the result will be much better.

Now, if you change your title to “20 ways to make money from home”, you have just made them more curious as they will want to know all the different ways they can make money from home.

But if you add a few words that will intrigue them, you will create a pin that will make them click instantly.

For instance: 20 ways to make $5,000 per month from home

This is a more powerful way to make people click on your pins as the title is solving a very big problem (Financial stability) with a solution (Make $5,000 working from home).

Ask yourself this question, which title will make you more curious to take an instant action?

  • How to make money from home
  • 20 Ways to make money from home
  • 20 ways to make $5,000 per month from home

Pro tip: Next time when you are reading a blog post or when you click on a pin, try to notice what type of title is making you take instant action. This will greatly increase your skills at spotting and creating titles that make people take action.

4.Add New Pins More Often To Get Enough Initial Momentum

When your Pinterest account is brand new, it’s vital to add many pins so that you can establish your account as an authority in your niche.

So, how can you do that?

Well first, you must have at least 10 boards targeting different keywords. Once you have created your boards, you will need to add pins to ALL of them. Since you don’t have any idea which board will perform well, you need to add at least 10-20 pins every day to each board.

Add at least 1 of your pins to each board and 1 other person’s pin to EACH board every day. Within a month your account will have around 600 pins that will help Pinterest understand what your account, boards, and pins are all about.

After 3-4 months, you should add at least 25 of your pins and 5 pins from other people to your account daily.

Since the number of pins you have is directly related to the number of outbound clicks, the more pins you have the more traffic you will generate.

For instance, for my account, I have seen a MASSIVE increase in outbound clicks when my profile had around 4,000 Pins.

Pro tip: Keep your daily limit to 30-40 pins per day. Anything above that will look spammy and won’t do your profile any good.

5.Join More Group Boards To Reach A Broader Audience

When your Pinterest account is new, the only way to reach more followers is by joining group boards that are related to your niche.

Your pins must reach more people to get more traction and outbound links. Though many people will claim that groups boards don’t make a huge impact, for me it’s working really well.

So, how does a group board work?

Well, it’s really simple.

Every time you add a pin to a group board, it will be shown to the followers of that board. If a follower from that board saves your pin, it will be shown to his followers. For every save you get, your chance of getting more impressions, saves and outbound clicks increase exponentially.

This is what will make your pin go viral. If many people are interacting with your pins, Pinterest will show it to more users, thereby increasing your reach even more.

6.Increase Your Repins To Increase Engagements

To be able to get more impressions and outbound clicks, your pin must get a lot of saves. Whenever people are saving your pins, it is a signal to Pinterest that the pin is of quality and it will get a boost in impressions.

There are two ways to do this:

1.Use Tailwind Communities

If you use Tailwind communities, you will be able to increase your engagement significantly. People on Tailwind communities will share your pins with their followers which in turn drastically increases your reach.

2.Content Viral Bee

The second way is to use Content Viral Bee.

If you don’t want to invest money in Tailwind, then Content Viral Bee can be a good alternative.

With Content Viral Bee, you will need to share other people’s content to earn credits. These credits will be spent whenever someone shares your content.

Now, if you have a Twitter account, you can schedule automatic sharing on 30 minutes intervals which will make your life easier.

Once you have earned enough credits, you can add your content to be shared on Pinterest ONLY.

7.Apply For Rich Pins To Get More Impressions

Rich Pins are pins that contain extra information. It is a type of organic pin that automatically syncs information from your website to your pins.

One fantastic thing about a Rich pin is that whenever you update your content, the Rich pin gets updated automatically.

There are 6 different types of Rich pins:

  • Product pins
  • Recipe pins
  • Movie pins
  • Article pins
  • Place pins
  • App pins

Why should you use Rich Pins:

  • You will have access to automatic updates. Every time you make changes, you won’t need to update it manually on Pinterest.
  • You will get higher visibility. Rich pins tend to stand out more, which will help to grab people’s attention. Given that Rich pins contain more information, they will appear for more keywords than normal pins.
  • If ever you are selling any product, rich pins will allow you to list prices, confirm availability, and link to the product page.
  • You will get more brand awareness as Rich Pins feature your logo and website name.

If you are not using Rich pins, then here is my step-by-step guide that will help you apply for Rich pins in just 1 minute.

8.Use Manual Pinning To Get A Boost In Impressions

Whenever you add your pins manually, you will notice a boost in impressions which automatically increases your outbound clicks.

Though there are different ways to add your pins manually, there are certain guidelines you must follow so that you are guaranteed to get maximum clicks for each pin.

I won’t go into more details as I have a complete guide that will help you find out the manual pinning strategy I am using for this blog.

9.Use The 80/20 Rule For Your New Pins

The 80/20 rule (Pareto Principle) is an aphorism that asserts that 80% of outcomes (or outputs) result from 20% of all causes (or inputs) for any given event.

If you incorporate it in your Pinterest strategy, you will notice that 20% of your pins are bringing 80% of your traffic.

This means that you will need to analyze your profile and find out which pins generates the most traffic.

Once you get that information, you need to add those pins more often.

For instance, if you have 10 blog posts that tend to generate the most traffic, you should make sure that the pins for those blog posts are added every day to maximize your traffic.

Final Thoughts: How To Increase Outbound Clicks On Pinterest

If you follow everything that I have mentioned in this article, you will be able to generate more outbound clicks. You can even notice that some of your pins are starting to get more traction and eventually you will have more viral pins.

I hope this blog post will help you use Pinterest to your advantage so that you can start to make a Full-Time income with your little blog.

Please don’t forget to share this articles on all your social media handles for others to learn too. You can also find us on Facebook. Thank you.

See you soon!

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