Best Ways on How To Write a Blog Post in Under 1 Hour

Best Ways on How To Write a Blog Post in Under 1 Hour

Best Ways on How To Write a Blog Post in Under 1 Hour

While starting your blogging carrier, you are always struggling with “how much time does it take to write a blog post” or even “how to write a blog post in under one hour”.

Seen from the perspective of a newbie blogger, writing a blog post in under an hour seems fairly impossible, if he or she does not copy content.

This will not work out for anybody. It will just result in bad scores and your website will be penalized by Google. Good work will get you rewarded and crimes will punish you, regardless the time.

So how can you write a blog post in under one hour?

In order to write a blog post fast you need to pick a title with the keyword in it. Then just start researching other articles and see what they are missing.

Add your title to your blog post and make it catchy, so when a user sees it, he will click. Making your title clear and descriptive is the top priority. Otherwise no one will click on your post, no matter how good the content is.

After picking the title in order to write your blog post faster, you will need to create 3-5 H2 headings, which will be explaining what the post will be about, giving people more information on the subs of the title and including a conclusion, which is not more than 2-3 sentences, just to wrap everything up.

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Picking the title to write a blog post in under one hour

When you are picking a title, pick something catchy. You do not want the people to be confused whether you are talking about this or that.

For example if I have a title “How To Teach My Dog To Sit”. I will try to make the title, to be catchy for most of the people. My title would be something like “How To Teach My Dog To Sit Whenever I tell It To”.

With such a title, I am sure that my results, will be bigger, because people may be searching for teaching they dogs to sit before eating food, or before going out and rewarding them.

With my universal title on “How To Teach My Dog To Sit Whenever I tell It To” the reader will not have to read tons of posts, but only yours.

And not only that you will get more visitors. Also Google will rank you high for this keyword and have your post sit on the first page, from 1st to 5th place.

But what will happen if you use a misleading title such as “Teaching my dog to sit, while playing games”?

Even I do not understand what this means. Is it while you are playing games with your dog, what kind of games are you playing or can the dog play computer games?

Questions, questions, questions. Even if you try to write for this title, you will not have good rankings for the keyword.

Not to mention that it will take longer time to write a blog post in under one hour. But you want to write this blog post in under one hour and start a new post, which will be ready to be published.

Having a clear mind helps you have a clear title. Try thinking of a question, which can bring you up at least a thousand answers and write them on a piece of paper or on Word.

This way, you will be prepared to have your blog post written in under an hour and will get you up and running for ranking high in google for those keywords.

Researching the content to write a blog post in under one hour

When you want to write your blog post in under one hour, you should first research the internet and see what has been answered and what has been left unanswered.

In order to follow this tactic, you just need to write your blog title in Google and check what the top pages are talking about.

It’s a sure thing that not all of them will be more than 1200 words, per blog post. And those websites want to fit the lengths of these 1200 words per article.

This way you can be sure, that there will be something unanswered, which can get your hands on this first page top ranking.

Researching is not only to help you write unanswered questions. It also gives you motivation and knowledge to outrank your competitors in the certain niche.

That is why when doing a research for at least 15 minutes and have read the most important paragraphs, you will know what your headings should be.

Choosing the right headings to write our blog post in under one hour

After you had read enough articles and have the ideas in your mind, you are ready to work out on the most important part. Adding your headings is the thing that will keep your content tidy.

You do not want to throw in a bunch of contents, which do not belong to any heading. Otherwise your visitors and Google bots will be confused.

You do not want to confuse them. It will totally mess up your whole blog post and will not get ranked.

Then how can somebody choose the right headings and write a blog post in under an hour?

If you had previously read articles as per the advice given above, you do not need to be scared. You know the answer.

Since you are going to cover all the missing answers and want to rank your blog post and keywords high in the Google Search, then you need to pick the right places for them.

A good starting number would be 3 headings for a blog post. But if it has a lot competition, then you can go up for 4 or 5 heading, which will cover everything that was unanswered.

What you should know before starting to fill out the headings, is that if you just throw unanswered questions, it will not work for you.

Start by structuring. A good structure would be:

What is a “Fish”, “What is a car engine” or even “What is a website”

By explaining the very basics in your first heading, a newbie reader can follow up along with the pros and not make them feel bad for not knowing these simple things.

But if you do not include them, these newbie visitors, who came to learn, but do not know the basics, will just bounce off your website and hurt your SEO scores.

Your second heading can be going a bit more into the detail of the subject that you will be talking about, without running away from the title.

If I had a title such as “When to feed a gold fish”, I would first start by explaining what is the gold fish and to which family does it belong.

As a second heading I would choose “What food can we give to a gold fish”.

And to wrap up the things for the people interested into the gold fish and not to fish at all, my third heading would be “How much food should I give to my gold fish to be healthy”.

The third one will be a total killer for the gold fish lovers and the reason is so simple, that you even know the answer.

Simply by writing this, newbies and pros will bite the whole article and re-read it twice even, just because I had set the bait, which the fish will catch.

And the good part is that I do not lie to the readers. I am just creating good headings, which will keep them entertained with my contents, rather than read and go.

Imagine if somebody got so much into the gold fish articles, that he will even sign up for the newsletter and wait for the next article to be coming.

Filling the information in our headings to have our blog post written in under one hour

This is the easiest part, which will take you no more than 15 to 20 minutes, depending on how much you got into this after filling the hard catchy title and the proper headings.

But why do I think that this is easy and will write a 1000+ word text in under an hour?

Because I stayed for 20 to 25 minutes on reading other articles. What I saw was not something that made me happy, but at least I have my imagination and write 1 or 2 blog posts every day.

What the other blog posts had and did not have is simple. They just threw all kinds of information relative to one another, that I got bored and searched the last pages of Google.

They were not even answering my question, which was: How to write my headings?

The top ranking articles were absolutely absurd, related to my search. However I checked a few of them and saw that each of them was a really bad blog post and hardly believe it was written in under one hour.

Probably it took them 2 or 3 days, or even writing a sentence or two a day, which is a totally bad thing to do, as you may get mixed up with lots of texts, but not be sure which links to what.

So in order to put your information straight to the reader and the Google bot, you need to read your heading 2 or 3 times and you will see thousands of words, fitting your content and just waiting to be written there.

A good thing to do is to start with the keyword and include it in the first paragraph. It is a good SEO mark and gives you proper results after time.

Right after including the keyword, just answer this question and go for the long run.

A good heading should contain at least 200 to 300 words.Which depends on how many headings do you have?

A small post should have around 3 headings, or maybe 4. If you need more words to outrank your competitors, then go for 4 or 5 headings.

If you are having 3 headings in a small niche easy to rank, then fill up each of the headings with at least 200-250 words, which should be good for you.

The content will have the information needed and the readers can find everything in a much easier way. And all of this, will help you write a blog post in under one hour.

But what if the niche is competitive and you need to write more headings? A 4-5 or in rare cases 6 headings will be enough for you to outrank your competitor.

If you have 4 headings, with a medium competition, then choose to write 250 words per each heading, as this will be enough and you will not confuse the reader.

And for a more competitive I would go for a 5 or 6 headings, containing at least 300 or 350 words on each heading, which later I will fill with more posts covering the niche and avoiding keyword cannibalism.

This content with 6 headings and 350 words per heading (including a conclusion), will have at least 2100 words and will serve as a pillar post.

Then I will surround this pillar post with all kinds of smaller posts (around 1200 to 1300 words), so I can boost my pillar post.


Now when you know how to write a blog post in under one hour, it gives you the opportunity to write more blog posts and all of them in under one hour.

People who tend to overthink, get scared and lose the opportunity to write twice as much, as others intend to do.

This way they are losing their rankings and the contents they write take more than a day. Not like us, who write a blog post in under an hour.

And remember. Keep your title catchy, your heading as a question and your text as much informative, as needed.

This way you can publish 2-3 blog posts a day and write each blog post in under one hour.

By investing 3 hours a day of your time as a blogger, you will not only get rewarded with high ranking keywords and standings in Google.

You will also win backlinks in an organic way, plus income from your ads.

Leave those things aside. Imagine how many guest posts you will receive from others, which will skyrocket your website, and give you more backlinks.

When somebody gives a guest post, he includes his link, but also gives a link to the guest post given.

With this simple strategy on how to write a blog post in under one hour, you are sure to win more than those, who give their time for backlinks and researching for spam websites to get one.

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See you soon!

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