Best Ways on How To Unlock App Lock Without Password or Pattern in 2021

Best Ways on How To Unlock App Lock Without Password or Pattern in 2021
Best Ways on How To Unlock App Lock Without Password or Pattern in 2021

Best Ways on How To Unlock App Lock Without Password or Pattern in 2021

Learn the top Best Ways on How to Unlock App Lock without Password or Pattern in 2021, App lock ensures that apps are secure and that your phone is protected from unwanted users.

However, if you use password protection for this purpose, you may have problems if you forget the password.

When they forget their password, the majority of users become panicked and tense. When you need to open those apps, Applock prompts you for your password. You can solve this issue by unlocking the app lock in the following ways:

unlock app lock without password

Unlock App Lock Through Android Settings

  • Go to settings of your phone from the home screen icon.
  • Open app manager.
  • Tap applock and then applock info window will be in front of you.
  • Tap Force stop button and confirm the action with OK.

Now, app lock is disabled and password security has been removed. However, applock is stopped for the nonce, so you have to open your desired app before the applock starts functioning again.

You can uninstall applock in a case forcing stop didn’t work. For removing app lock password:

  • Go to Settings on your phone.
  • Scroll till apps settings and select it.
  • In apps settings you will see all the apps list you have installed or pre-installed.
  • Tap app lock and uninstall it

By uninstalling, applock will be stopped permanently until you reinstall it. Once app lock is uninstalled it will no longer functioning, and so password verification will be removed.

Remove App Lock From play store

You can get rid of this issue through playstore as well.

  • Open google play store from home screen icon.
  • In play store, at the left top, there is a three-line and a slide menu will open.
  • Tap ‘My apps and games’.
  • Go to the ‘Installed’ section. All of your installed apps appear here.
  • Tap applock and then uninstall button.

How To Unlock App lock From Home Screen

Applock removal is said to be the simplest method of removing applock without a password. The majority of users have password protection enabled in their settings as well. It is also highly recommended by the applock itself because Android settings gives you access to all of your phone’s functions.

The Problem may increase for you if you have secured settings as well as play store by keeping the above ways in mind. So, this method will give you get rid of this headache.

  • Be on home screen
  • Tap and hold applock icon.
  • Now there are two types of options for uninstalling applock depending on mobile.
  • Drag the applock and drop it to an uninstall option at the top.
  • Tap uninstall in miniature menu attached to the app.
  •  Confirm by Ok.

App lock will be removed and password protection will be removed.


We believe that the above methodology in this article has been able to help you with the top best ways  on to unlock app lock without password or pattern in 2021.

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