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How to Make Money on WordPress

Do you want to learn how to make money on WordPress? See the 24 best ideas on how to make money on WordPress here.

We have 24 different ideas, which can help you start earning.

Nowadays most of the newly established websites are struggling in getting their first buck.

It is true that making money online is a hard thing, but what if you had more than one choice?

Would you get this chance and learn how to make money on WordPress?

If I was you, I would say “Hell yeah! Let’s start this”.

So how can you make money on WordPress?


When starting a website, it will be hard to make money, but what if you could sell your Ad Space?

I am not talking about Google Adsense and getting your account approved.

What I mean is by directly speaking with people and offering them to promote their websites. In return they should pay you a small fixed amount per month.

For example, if you make a deal for 1 ad space on your website and ask for a small price of $1 per day, you can be making $30 per month, for just displaying this ad.

Not to mention if you have 3 ad spaces, which are generating you $1 per day each.

You will be making easy $90 and can start advertising your own website and ask for higher bids.

If finding clients to sell your ad space to is hard, then you can go for websites like BuySellAds.

BuySellAds lets you simply sell your website’s space and get paid depending on the bid you have set.

The lower your bid goes, the more opportunities for ads you will have.

Do not set higher than $1 bids per day, otherwise the offers you will get will be limited and harder to accept a newly created website.

Now if your website is getting tons of traffic and it is real traffic, with high CTR, you can get tons of money.

Starting from $20 per ad for a day, you can make a fortune in just a month.


Guest posting had been always the ultimate weapon to increase your website’s views and grab the attention of most visitors.

What if you could make money on WordPress through guest posts?

Simply by charging a small amount and having a valuable website, will skyrocket your earnings without moving your finger.

All you need to do is just copy and paste the relevant guest posts, that are sent to you every day.

A good price set would be anywhere between $5 and $10.

If you get at least 2 guest posts per day on a small website, that will be fast $10 or $20 and in a month can grow to $300 or $600.

If your website is a side hobby and not your main income source, it will be a good start.

Paying for ads on your website on Adwords will help you gain more people and guest posts, which is a good win-win strategy.


Selling guest posts to make money on WordPress is basically the same as getting paid to receive guest posts, but with more strategy and intent.

At first it may seem like you are selling your work to another person, and not getting anything, but actually you get a backlink

Selling your guest posts to famous websites, may actually get their readers interested and click on a link that you had left, which means you get their visitors to your site.

Not only this, but a dofollow link will increase your website’s authority and boost your PageRank.

So selling your Guest Posts in order to make money will be your best go to strategy.

If you get a job from a certain company to write for them, you may actually get more money and be paid regularly, just to write and increase your website’s potential.


Email Marketing campaigns were always a good choice for well-established websites, which have a big email list and want to sell their own or affiliated products.

If you have an email list, with people who actually like your content or products and had subscribed, you are in the green zone.

These people are easy to convert and are ready to buy almost every product you offer them.

Black Friday deals are the best that any email subscriber is awaiting to see from a certain website.

If you are affiliated with such websites and the products they offer are similar to what your subscribers need, you may be earning big time.

Note that usually such deals are not coming so often, but still you may get big buck out of a single email to each of your subscribers.

Another great thing is if you have different subscriber lists, which you have constructed and know what every subscriber needs.

This way you can send your subscribers the exact products they need and have a guaranteed sale.


Have you ever thought of having your own products to sell, in order to make money on WordPress.

Your website may actually earn a lot, if you had your own branded products, as your readers would like to buy anything, just to support you.

If you have lifetime fans on your website, each of them would like to make a small donation or buy a T-Shirt, mug, hat or even socks.

Fans do not care about the product, as much as the brand, which sells the product.

You may actually earn a lot of money selling your own branded products, just like WPEagle.


You don’t have any money, but want to make money on your WordPress website?

No need to worry or start saving money, as you can always start a dropshipping business.

There are many plugins for WordPress, which simply let you start a dropshipping website and get the big money by just being known.

Even if you think that there are too many websites out there, who dropship and you have no chances of beating them, you are wrong.

Most of the dropshipping websites are actually pretty bad structured and miss so many SEO opportunities that you can easily cover and outsell the competitors.

One of the most recognized ways to make money on your website is by using these plugins:


Haven’t thought of starting an Awards Winning Website to make money with it? Think twice.

Awards winning websites are a big trend and designers like me are always seeking a good website, to showcase projects.

It’s true that many of them are free and you can submit your website without any problem, but what if it was paid?

Awwwards is charging 60 euro for a single website and going as high as 1500 euro per year for 10 website submission and many bonuses.

Imagine if you get 10 people, which need to submit their work and be showcased on your awards winning website?

You will be making tons of money, but the niche is not as easy as you think.

It is hard and well set, so you should be prepared to spend some money in order to get some back.


If you are into teaching people and/or fixing issues, you can always become a well paid consultant.

They always have dynamic rates, which start cheap for smaller issues and sky is limit for bigger problems, that may occur.

Being an SEO consultant can give you big opportunities to make money on WordPress.

As we all know and I had mentioned in almost each of my posts, WordPress powers more than 40% of the websites in the planet.

Each day at least a 1000 websites are sent out to Google and all of them have struggles with SEO or speed optimization.

This is where you come in place and explain to them how the issue can be fixed, by charging a small amount.


Websites who have affiliated products and a big blog with tons of posts have many opportunities to makes a sale.

If you own a blog with more than 50 blog posts, you can actually start advertising products and get paid well per product.

Many of the websites that exist are Amazon affiliated and earn at least $5 per sale.

It may not sound that much, but imagine if you have a website about microphones and be specific about the best condenser microphones, which amplitude is small and does not create too much noise.

People who are in the music industry will buy for sure a microphone or two, with a stand, filter and some good XLR cables.

One of the best websites to do affiliate marketing are:


Rather than using ads or selling products, you can always ask for a small donation from your website visitors.

Getting donated is a great way to make money on your website and lucky you, because there are so many donation plugins, for different purposes existing.

Donations can be digital products, physical items or even cryptocurrency.

The best donation plugin to make money on WordPress are:

If you wish to use cryptocurrency plugins, you can discover the best cryptocurrency donation plugins on our website.


wordpress maintenance

Offering your custom services was always a great way to make money on WordPress.

There are many people who lack knowledge or experience issues on WordPress and seek for help, whether it is a complicated theme issue or a basic plugin malfunctioning.

Knowing how WordPress works and having a bit of PHP knowledge can come in handy, as many people will be seeking for a person, who can fix their issue and paying the certain price for it.

Scrolling around Fiverr and UpWork you can find everything you need to get your own website or a good SEO campaign to boost your results.

Not to mention that there are many professionals who just sit there and wait for a customer, who has a complicated problem to be solved.


Many of my readers are underestimating the power of YouTube and how good it is for making money on WordPress.

The big thing about YouTube is that it has trillions of videos and opportunities to rank if you know the right techniques.

The idea of uploading YouTube videos, which are related to your website is simple.

All those viewers that come to your videos, may be interested in the product or post you are offering and by just having a single link, you may get tons of visitors to your website.

Not to mention that if you have been accepted by Google Adsense you will be making good money on both YouTube and your website.


If you have the knowledge and skills to teach people, then why not starting to sell your own courses?

There are lots of people who wish to learn more about WordPress and search for places, which offer the knowledge from beginner to advanced and getting a certificate out of it.

Just know that people do not search for courses, which offer the people knowledge on how to download a theme and plugin on WordPress.

People need courses on how to deal with difficulties with WordPress and how to make money on WordPress or even how to code their own theme or plugin.

Having such a course, may be your jackpot in life and get many classes with interested people, who are willing to pay any amount for just watching how you explain to them how WordPress works, or how you make money on WordPress.

The best websites for offering courses are:


Many websites out there are offering their contents for free, but what is the worth of their content? Depending on how much authority a website has, you can determine how good is yours also.

Browsing different websites, I have seen how some of the people are locking their most important contents, which are not created for SEO purposes, but for making money purposes.

What I mean is that the content, which is locked, has golden information, which could be helpful in a big way for the reader, but the purpose of locking the content is to make money on your website.

These locked contents, can be unlocked by paying a certain amount per month (also known as subscription), which lets you have the freedom, to check whatever article you want and gain the knowledge of it.

If you feel like your website has important contents, which you would like to lock, here are some plugins that can help you lock your content and make money with them:


Do you have a big email list with thousands of active subscribers? You can be making a lot money if you are willing to sell your email list.

The idea of selling your email list to people, who have interest in a certain product, is that your subscribers will be changed to another person, but you will get paid a higher amount that your subscribers could give you, by purchasing products.

Selling inactive email lists will not be beneficial for either you or the buyer, because buyers intend to see how the subscribers are interacting with the mails you send them. They are mostly checking if your subscribers click on the emails and follow the links associated with them.

Just opening an email does not earn money, so a buyer would not be interested in this.

Also if you are a buyer, buying email lists, which have nothing to do with your content or product may result in a big loss. These email subscribers want to see what they like and not what you like and offer.

Choose wisely as this list may cost a fortune, but return nothing more than unsubscribing people.


If your website has a good PageRank and big authority, many others will seek for a backlink from you.

So why not setting a price for receiving a backlink from you? Big companies often pay hundreds of dollars for a single backlink from a website, which drives traffic.

If your website has tons of content and has space for a backlink, many companies would be willing to pay you monthly for this backlink to be kept.

You can sell your backlinks and make money on your website from these sites:

  • Backlinks
  • LinkDeploy
  • LinkFool
  • SemAlt
  • LinkHouse


You have probably heard of the WordCamp, which makes tons of money each year, right? Even now when there is Covid19 outside, WordCamp is still hosted online and costs the regular price.

The idea behind WordCamp is that many influencers, SEO masters and affiliated marketers are attending this WordCamp, which makes people get excited and buy a ticket for it.

What if you could get one of those people and host your own paid event on your WordPress website? I am pretty sure that you will get tons of people coming up for the event, for a small price like $10 per seat.

Or if you are an influencer or any of the above mentioned, you should definitely start hosting your own events, which can get your readers excited.

The main idea isn’t only your current readers. You also need to go a bit further and try to advertise this event, so you can get new readers to your website, so you can make money on it. Keeping you current visitors excited and earning new visitors is a sure win-win strategy and will pay off in the long term.


Directory websites aren’t only for getting a single backlink, when you are starting out with your website.

They have the intention to collect as much as websites possible, so they can help their visitors, to navigate to each website they need.

You may have seen how some of these directory websites are paid, right?

The idea of being paid, is because this directory website has some quality and premium visitors, which really search for something. It is not 100% accurate, as some people create paid directory websites, but have no traffic to them, so if you want to pay for such a website, it is better to do your research.

In general, paid directory websites are a possible thing for a WordPress website and can be a good income source if done properly.

You don’t need to invest any money for this, except to buy a fast host and a domain name for your website.


Hey! It’s the 20th century and we live in the digital era! The books are not being bought as much as an E-book.

Nowadays everything happens digital and people intend to stay more on a certain website and download E-books rather than buy them.

Who would like to go out on a snowy and cold winter night, when the shops are closed, rather than buy the book online? It is easier and takes less effort, to start reading your favorite book or a book that you are currently interested in.

If you are a writer or discovered something really important on a topic that you can talk a lot about, creating your own E-Book would be a lot beneficial for you.

There are so many people who are searching out for hacks and tactics on how to do this, or how to do that, or simply by reading mysteries or a scientific invention, which they have never heard about.


You may be hearing from time to time that Google Adsense is the king of advertisements and you definitely need to have their ads on your website to make money.

Well it is true, but except Adsense, there are tons of other websites, who would like to place an ad on your website and pay you for CPM, CPC, View or CPA.

We all know that Google Adsense is the safest and pays a lot of cash, but it depends on the country your visitor lives in and if the ad holds valuable inventory.

Besides Adsense you can find so many websites and they even pay more money if your visitor just sees your ad or views the video ad.


Offering paid surveys on your website is a good way to earn money on WordPress, because many big companies are offering their surveys to be implemented to your website and pay a big amount, which you can share with your visitors by completing a small survey.

These paid surveys are a big win if you offer the right survey to the right visitor. If you keep your website to one niche and don’t go general, it will be easy to offer them paid surveys and increase your earnings on your website.

The best paid survey websites are:


Offering your website to write paid reviews, can be a great way to score a product and earn some bonus cash.

Not only you will receive their products and some money, but you also will become a premium client, which can shop with discounts and offer affiliated products.

Many of the big websites are offering their paid review services, to get a bigger reach, because every paid review also gets you a backlink and traffic back to your website.


Flipping websites was always a great way to make money on WordPress. Imagine if you create a website and invest a bit of money in it, so you can get good start results.

Once you start getting good traffic and have paid for some articles to be written and start ranking, you are good to go.

High ranked articles start providing traffic and this means, that you will receive backlinks from other websites.

There are many people out there, who are seeking to buy a readymade website, which earns money and start from there, rather than grow a website from the zero.

You will get excited when you see what websites are being flipped and what chances you have to start buying and selling your first websites.

The best places to flip websites are:

  • Flippa
  • JaseRodley
  • EmpireFlippers
  • InvestorsClub


If you are having more than website and all of them are making good money on WordPress, renting them out, would be perfect to boost your income.

Simply renting your site means that you will give your website for a certain amount of time and get paid.

The income that the website earns will be given to the buyer, but you will still get good amounts of cash.

Not to mention that if the buyer wishes to pay no more for your website, you can get it back with all the traffic it has made and receive more income, until another buyer comes up.


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