How to Make A Full-Time Income (money) With Pinterest In 2021

How to Make A Full-Time Income (money) With Pinterest In 2021
How to Make A Full-Time Income (money) With Pinterest

How to Make A Full-Time Income (money) With Pinterest In 2021

During the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of Pinterest users which is a perfect opportunity for anyone to exploit the platform.

In fact, here are some statistics that prove why Pinterest is the perfect social media platform for anyone who wants to make a full-time income:

95% of Pinterest searches are Unbranded, Which means people are looking for new ideas.

70% of Pinterest users are women.

50% of people shop on Pinterest.

89% of people on Pinterest look for purchase inspiration.

Users are 3X more likely to click on a website than any other social media.

As you can clearly see, these statistics only confirm how powerful the platform is when it comes to generating traffic and sales.

There are two most effective ways to make money on the platform:

With your blog (Best solution for earning money consistently),

Without a blog (Best for people who are looking to make money quickly).

First I will show you how to make money on Pinterest with a blog, then in the second section, I will show you how to make money without a blog.

How Much Money Can You Make On Pinterest With A Blog?

If you decide to start a blog, you can earn anywhere between $5,000 up to $20,000 per MONTH. This is something that many people don’t really know as almost everyone is talking about SEO and organic traffic.

The thing is: SEO can take up to 2 years to generate significant traffic. With Pinterest, you can achieve that in just 6-12 months.

Pretty cool isn’t it?

Can you imagine making a Full-time income in just 6-12 months? Hilarious, isn’t it?

That being said, you don’t even need any experience or knowledge to earn that kind of money.

For Instance, I started my blog with no knowledge and experience, and as I kept on creating articles and reading blogs, I began to understand how to make a living with a blog.

I am sure you must have heard it before, that the only way to learn something is by doing it.

Now, let’s see how you can make money with a blog using Pinterest.

 How To Make Money On Pinterest With A Blog
  1. Start Your Blog For Really Cheap

If you desperately want to escape your 9 to 5 job and build a business, then starting a blog is the best option.

I will highly recommend you start a Self-Hosted blog with this incredible hosting company before you start to make money.

With only an investment of $3.95 per month, you can easily turn it into a money-making machine that can potentially help you make anywhere between $5,000-$20,000 per month.

You will get a free domain and SSL certificate when you sign up through this unique link and choose the basic plan.

So, why am I recommending this Hosting company?

Well, I chose this Hosting company for this blog, and I must tell you I am very impressed with my blog’s performance, especially with customer service.

Maybe you are thinking of starting your blog for free on or blogger.

Are you sure a free platform will be better for you?

Before you decide, I will highly suggest you read the below article to be sure what will be best suited for you.

My personal advice is not to choose a free platform. Believe me, you don’t want to take that route because you will regret it later.

If you choose a free blogging platform, it will be challenging to apply for ad networks and affiliate programs which are the 2 best ways to monetize a blog.

You will want to start your blog the right way by following my super easy step-by-step guide. You will thank me later for this.

  1. Create Relevant And Helpful Content

Once you have created your blog, you will need to add relevant content that is related to your niche.

But before you start to write, you will need to know what people are searching for on the web.

For that, you will need to find low competition keywords that can easily get ranking on Google. Many bloggers will tell you to buy a keyword tool to get the best keywords.

But the truth is that you can find awesome keywords without using any paid tool. All you need to do, use Google keyword planner which is a free tool.

Learn how you can use Google keyword planner to find keywords

Pro tip: When you create content, your goal should be to solve your reader’s problems. They won’t be visiting your blog to read about your issues or to know about your life. This is something you should understand if you want long-term success in this industry.

You should create content that is engaging and is formatted in such a way that you have a better chance of getting on Google’s first page.

  1. Set Up Your Pinterest Account

Now it’s time to set up your Pinterest account so that you can bring enough traffic to your new blog.

Follow instructions to claim your website with Pinterest here.

Pro Tip: You must include relevant keywords in your profile bio to attract the right people to your profile and help Pinterest understand your profile better.

I have a complete detailed guide that will help you set up your Pinterest profile and tips to use Pinterest as a traffic source for your new blog.

  1. Create Relevant Boards And Pins That Are Relevant To Your Niche

Once you have created your account and claimed your website, it’s time to create boards and pins.

I will recommend you use Canva to create all your pins. It’s super easy. And the remarkable thing about Canva is that it is free.

Just like your profile bio, you will need to add keywords to your boards. Now when you are adding keywords, make sure that you are not just adding the keywords. Turn it into a simple phrase that will make sense.

  1. Create A New Board Every Month And Join Group Boards

If you have been reading about blog traffic with Pinterest, you must have heard many bloggers saying that you not to join group boards.

Let me tell you one thing.

Group boards are important to increase your reach. Though having more personal boards is really important, you shouldn’t ignore group boards.

Pinterest made some changes with its algorithm, which now focuses more on personal boards. Also, Pinterest now favors group boards that have fewer contributors.

So, when looking for a group board make sure that it doesn’t have a lot of contributors. But it should have a large audience.

Pro Tip: Another way you can join group boards is by using Tailwind tribes.

Now that you have started your blog and set up relevant boards, it’s time to drive traffic to your blog using Pinterest.

  1. Start Using Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

I am sure you must have heard how many bloggers praise and love Pinterest.

This is because it’s much faster and easier to bring traffic compared to Google. If you want traffic from Google, you will have to wait at least 2 years to see results.

But with Pinterest, it’s different. You can bring traffic from day 1 and start to make money from display ads.

The most common question many new bloggers have is whether they should use manual pining or use a Scheduler like Tailwind.

The simple answer is to get the best results, you must use both.

For instance, Tailwind is telling me that the best times that my audience is on Pinterest are:

For sure I can’t do manual pinning at these odd times. I need to sleep and recharge for the next day. This is where Tailwind does an excellent job.

It will add your scheduled pins without you having to actually be present on the platform.

That being said, I will highly encourage you to give Tailwind a try. You don’t need to provide any information such as your credit cards or even your name and address. Just give it a try and see if you like it.

  1. Apply For Google AdSense

The next step is to apply for Google Adsense. There are far too many people who claim that having ads on your blog is not a viable way to make money.

Well, those People are building personal brands and businesses with their blog. As a beginner, this advice won’t be of any help to you.

Making even $1 per day will motivate you enough to continue to work on your blog. Without that, you will give up on your blog within the first 6 months.

So go ahead and apply for Google Adsense.

Depending on your niche, if you can generate 1000 page views, you will earn anywhere between $2 up to $5 with display ads.

Pro Tip: You will need to have at least 7-10 high-quality blog posts before you can apply for Google Adsense.

Now, if your blog is generating at least 10,000 monthly sessions, I will highly advise you to apply for Ezoic.

Ezoic is an Ad network that will help you make 50%-250% more than Google Adsense.

The next step is to add affiliate links to your blog.

  1. Use Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is among the best ways to earn money with a blog. Learning how to use affiliate links on Pinterest will make a massive difference in your earning potential.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, I will say that affiliate marketing is recommending products that you love or think will help your audience.

When your audience makes a purchase from your suggested affiliate links, you will earn a small commission.

Pro Tip: If you are using affiliate links in your blog posts, do make it clear to your audience that your posts contain affiliate links. It’s always good to be transparent with your audience. This will help to build trust with them.

Now, it can be a very tedious job to find the right affiliate program for your blog. There are so many options that it can be really frustrating to read all the reviews and try all of them.

That’s why I have created a simple list of the best affiliate programs that are specially designed for new bloggers.

Head over to this article to know more about the Best affiliate marketing platforms for new bloggers.

If you want to know the best, then I will advise you to start with ShareAsale.

  1. Create “How To” Posts Or Write Reviews About A Product

“How to” posts bring a lot of traffic to a new website, and affiliate links convert well in these posts. If you have gone through my blog posts, you will notice I have many “How to” blog posts.

You can create “How to” posts to teach your readers about any issues they might be having.

You can also write reviews about products and include affiliate links. Usually, when you write reviews, you will tell your audience why you love the product or how it can help them solve their problems.

Once you have created the review, you can create 5 pinnable images for the post and pin it on Pinterest to bring traffic to the post.

  1. Create A Resource/Recommendation Page

Another way to earn money is by creating a resource/recommendation page.

You can list all your favorite products on the resource page and let your audience know how excellent these products are. Also, don’t forget to explain to them why and how the products will help them.

It is crucial to recommend only the best products on this page. Having too many products will confuse your readers, and they may end up buying none of them.

Pro Tip: Let’s say you have affiliate links for hosting companies. It will be a good idea to add only one hosting company.

 How To Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog
  1. Add Affiliate Links Directly To Your Pins

Apart from using affiliate links and ads on your blog, you can also make money on Pinterest without a blog.

Though the amount you can earn will be limited, you can still earn a decent income with Pinterest. Those links will lead the user directly to the product or service page.

Pro Tip: Please note that some companies won’t allow you to use Affiliate links on your Pins (For example Amazon).

Before you add any affiliate links to your pins, make sure to do some extensive research.

I don’t use this method because the ROI is very low. Usually, people who are doing searches on Pinterest are looking for information first. Based on the type of information provided, they will choose to buy a product or service.

This is why I personally prefer to use my blog because it converts really very well.

  1. Become A Pinterest VA(Virtual Assistant)

If you have not heard of this term, let me tell you that becoming a Pinterest VA is becoming one of the fastest-growing jobs.

Pinterest VA’s are in demand right now as many bloggers don’t have enough time to maintain their Pinterest account.

If you are interested in becoming a Pinterest VA, here are some tasks that you will be required to do:

  • Create and design eye-catching Pins.
  • Write compelling image descriptions for the pins.
  • Create rich pins.
  • Schedule pins.
  • Join relevant group boards.
  • Maintain Pinterest accounts.
  • So, how much can you earn if you become a Pinterest VA?
  • Well, I am glad you asked.
  • You can earn anywhere between $12 to $50 per hour, depending on your experience.
  1. Sell Your Products Or Services

You can also sell your own product and services on Pinterest.

Once you have a product or service, you can easily add a link to your product page in your pin.

Products that will make you money on Pinterest:

  • e-books
  • Courses
  • Printables
  • Home decor items
  • Clothing and accessories

These are just some of the products that are being sold on Pinterest. The possibility for you to earn money with Pinterest is endless.

If you already have a product, then you must be thinking about how you can sell it. Right?

The first thing to do is to create pinnable pins and link them to your products page.

Once you have created the pins, it will be time to pin them to all the relevant boards on your profile. This is where group boards will be of great use to you, as you will have access to the group members’ audience.

Making money with Pinterest is not the only way to make a side income. There are many ways to make money online. Here are a few resources that will help you:

Final Thoughts: How To Make A Full-Time Income (Money) With Pinterest In 2021

These were the best ways you can earn money on Pinterest. You can either choose to start a blog or you can add affiliate links directly to your pin. This is completely up to you.

But for you to generate more sales, you MUST generate more clicks for your pins.

So how can you do that?

Well, it’s really simple. You just have to name your Pinterest boards with keywords. This will allow you to generate at least 2 times more clicks.

Thank you for reading this article, please share this post on your social media handles. See you soon.

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