Learn Best Ways on How To Fix Error 404 Pages

Learn Best Ways on How To Fix Error 404 Pages
Error 404 Pages

How To Fix Error 404 Pages

Are you having Error 404 pages or links on your website? Error 404 may degrade your SEO and down your rankings. Learn How to Fix Error 404 Pages now.


Have you ever browsed to a website, which was working properly, but after one more click, you just saw Error 404 Page Not Found?

Error 404 is dedicated to pages that are no more existing or have been moved to another to another page, without a redirection.

Many time while browsing websites, you find a really interesting link, which could solve an answer to one of your question, but after clicking it, you got redirected to a broken page.

Such pages can increase the bounce rate and decrease the visitor rates in no time, which could be the end of your business of blog.

Sometimes when you open pages or navigate to a link, you may see a custom error 404 page not found error, which should not confuse you.

The custom error 404 page has been created just to be aligned with the rest of the website’s design.

For example, my website, has a custom Error 404 page and can this page can be only found, by typing a wrong URL in the field.

These custom Error 404 pages are created not only for design, but also for people to be sure that there is nothing wrong with their internet.

Even if we live in the 21st century, it still does not mean that everybody knows what each error does.

But this is the reason why we are here and making our blogs. Am I right?


Many types of Error 404 exist in the world of websites, but we are aware of only one and it is the “Page not Found” one.

While you believe that only one could exist, there are so many error 404 page sub-errors that you will not believe they had ever existed.

These errors are:

  • 404.0 – Page Not found.
  • 404.1 – Site Not Found.
  • 404.7 – File extension denied.
  • 404.8 – Hidden namespace.
  • 404.9 – File attribute hidden.
  • 404.10 – Request header too long.
  • 404.11 – Request contains double escape sequence.
  • 404.12 – Request contains high-bit characters.
  • 404.13 – Content length too large.
  • 404.20 – Too Many URL Segments.

Probably you have seen most of these errors back in the days, when using Google, Yahoo or Bing to search for a website, but this website has been giving you a strange error.

Nowadays we can find only one type of Error 404 and it is the Page Not Found.


The big question is What Will Happen if You Have Error 404 on Google?

If your website has too many broken links or pages, your visitors will not be happy to see this, which means you will see a pit full of darkness, without hope and full of despair.

In reality Google thinks like a human. Imagine if you have broken links on your website and Google bots start crawling your website.

The Google Bots are going through every single page and link on your website, just to be able to read all the information about your website and display it to potential visitors, which may convert.

While you may be thinking that it is alright, having some broken links on your website, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and other browsers don’t think so.

No browser will ever let you rank high with broken pages, because they hold no quality for the visitors.

A visitor, who gets onto a broken link or page will not have all the patience, that this world holds.

He has time and his time is money, as well as yours, but who wants to shop or read from a website, which has broken links all over it.

People intend to stay on the internet for hours nowadays and do not feel pleased to see your broken pages or custom Error 404 pages, just because you threw in a lot time and effort in choosing the perfect design.

In fact, in 2021 more than 4 billion people are browsing through the internet for hours and read tons of articles, or shop a lot of products, that may also come to your website.

Having a clean and blazing fast website, may also help you increase your conversions or get more money through serving ads on your website.

Both ways can win you a fortune if you know how to keep your target audience on your website without bouncing back, just because they were not pleased with the experience of broken links or pages.

Another way of having broken links on your pages can be due to a website that you were linking to, has changed links or deleted his post, product or page.

Finding another link to cover up the space can be hard, but is worth the time, as visitors are increasing over the years and you can find over the internet how many people stay on a website from a certain niche.

If you are an owner of one of these niches, imagine how much traffic is awaiting your website, if everything is set correctly. Not to mention the risks if it is not set.

Owning a business is not only having a website and you are done with it.

You need to have the perfect link structure and be prepared to lose a link or two.

On the other hand, you may also suffer of broken links, which will lead your visitors to the void and get you nowhere with the traffic.

That is why watching over your links is your duty and filling up the gaps in broken links with fresh and healthy ones is a responsibility that you need to keep in mind and never miss.


So now comes the big question and it is How Can We Fix Error 404 Pages and Links?

Going through each page and link can be a time killer and we all know that time is money.

So you will not want to go through each of your links or pages and check them one by one, to see if there is anything broken and spitting out the Error 404.

Imagine that you are a business, which owns thousands of products, or your blog has hundreds of pages filled up with links that may get broken at any moment.

They do not really get broken, but their pages might be erased from the earth and their existence is void.

So is there a way to track all of the broken links and pages that could potentially give us error 404?

In an ideal world your website or browser would say which link has issues, so you can fill it up, but we do not live in such a world.

Luckily we have addons and even websites, who can do the work of analyzing our pages and search if we have a broken link or page, and report it back to us, so we can fix it.


Ubersuggest is not only great for measuring keywords, or being a good page analyzer for your website.

Simply by creating your own project in Ubersuggest, you can see how your website performs and track your SEO results.

No worries about paying money, because your first project is free, but the results are limited to only one project and only 10 issues shown per page.

If you wish to upgrade your plan, you can try out the monthly plan, which costs you only $12 per month, but gives you the opportunity to see all of the errors on your website, without making you overpay for anything else.

In fact, Neil Patel has mentioned it himself. He hates these paid plans so much, that he included a life time plan for only $120 and gives out so much information, that I could achieve 99 SEO Score, by fixing some broken links on my website.

Ubersuggest also offers you a 30 day money back guaranteed feature without any questions asked.

If you do not like their plan or have any kind of issues with it, you will get a full refund without being prompted to give any explanations or surveys to solve, just because you were unhappy with your purchase.

Check my links

If paying for a plan or the free Ubersuggest plan does not fit your needs, you can always go for Check My Links.

Simply said check my links is going to analyze a page you are visiting and see if every link on the certain website contains any Error 404 links.

Just by visiting your website page by page, you can still see the links you have included and check whether they are working.

Check my links can analyze each link of your page and it can be time consuming and take a lot of effort, but the time is worth investing, as in the end you and your clients will be winners.

If you had a link, that is no more active on your website, rather than losing your SEO score, you can always redirect this link, to the new article you have made (if it is relevant to the topic).

This way you will not lose any traffic, nor SEO juice from the links and maintain good results on the SERP’s.

Losing links can be a bad experience, but keeping your website clean from any Error 404 pages or links, can help you achieve more and learn to be more responsible.

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