Best Ways on How to duplicate a WordPress Page in 2021

Best Ways on How to duplicate a WordPress Page in 2021
Best Ways on How to duplicate a WordPress Page in 2021

Best Ways on How to duplicate a WordPress Page in 2021

How to duplicate a WordPress Page: Are you having a custom page template, that you don’t want to copy and paste around all of your pages? Learn how to duplicate a WordPress page and save time now.

By duplicating your WordPress pages or posts, you are saving tons of time, which you can invest on writing more posts or simply applying techniques, which drive more traffic to your website.

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Duplicating WordPress pages can save time if you are under critical conditions. Sometimes you are left behind with a lot work and you need to add quick.

If you duplicate a WordPress page, you are saving this time and can edit the information, which needs to be reworked.

Common reasons for duplicating WordPress pages are:

It would be really nice if you could duplicate a WordPress page without the need of a plugin, but for now there is no new update, which will allow us.


The good think about duplicating pages in WordPress is that you do not pass the metadata information, neither your optimized image, or the keywords.

There are no downfalls for duplicating a page, but the process will require a plugin, which you can always choose by your liking.

For this tutorial we are going to be sticking with the WordPress plugin called Duplicate Page.


Duplicate page is one of the best WordPress duplicate page plugins, which can save your time and help you increase the activity on your website.

With duplicate page you can start duplicating your WordPress pages in just one click. It works both for pages and posts.

As you may have seen in my articles, I always say something about the speed of a website, as I am a person who like to have a fast website, but duplicate page is a clean and professional plugin, which is made to help website out.

If you want to duplicate a WordPress page, you can always specify where would you like the page to be at. You also have the option to specify the URL and post title, so there is no confusion.

If you are scared that someone may duplicate pages on your website, you can always specify which user roles can use this plugin and restrict the other users from interacting with the plugin.


In order to start duplicating pages in WordPress, you will have to download the plugin and activate it.

Once you see Duplicate Page activated in your plugins section, you can start duplicating pages on your WordPress website.

In order to duplicate a WordPress page, you simply have to go to your WordPress pages and click on all pages.

By clicking Duplicate This, your page will be duplicated and saved as draft. It will not be seen by anybody except the people who can access the WP admin dashboard.

You can easily guess, which page had been duplicated by the draft mode, but if your page has not been saved, you will need to do some options, so your page or post URLs are always different and no confusion comes when working.

The best way to overcome this confusion is by going into your Duplicate Page settings and editing the Duplicate Post Suffix.

Once you had added your new suffix, each of your WordPress duplicated pages will have its own suffix and can be seen as a duplicate from the original.

I have chosen the suffix name to be new suffix and each time I duplicate any of my pages it will have this suffix assigned to it, so I never have to struggle if I have original pages in draft, mixed up with the duplicated ones.


If the plugin duplicate page is not by your liking and you are searching for more advanced plugins, you don’t need to go away and search for it.

There are many options, but which ones would be perfect for duplicating a WordPress page?

Without testing you can never know. That’s why I have created this small list of plugins that duplicate a WordPress page and are good alternatives to the plugin Duplicate Page.


Duplicate Page Post is a similar WordPress page duplicator plugin, which is more lightweight, but due to the less styling.

The plugin has the absolutely same options as Duplicate Page, so there is not a big difference.

Duplicate Page Post helps you to choose the suffix, editor and lets you redirect visitors to the URL address of your liking.

You can still choose to add your posts in draft status this will not be visible to the people, who are not logged in to your WordPress dashboard.

The only difference between both plugins is that you can always change the text of the duplicate button.

If you are not a fan of the text, you can be choosing to use a custom text, which does not have any restrictions or minimum requirements.


As a more advanced WordPress page duplicator, this plugin can solve any kind of issue that you may be having with your WordPress website.

While duplicating your posts or pages, you can always choose the number of duplications that you would like to be created on your WordPress website.

While some plugins are freezing when you are duplicating large data pages, Inqys Technology’s plugin will save you the trouble and get your WordPress pages duplicated lightning fast.

Currently the free version of this plugin is letting you to duplicate WordPress pages, posts and custom post types, which is more than what you need.

You can also set your custom URLs and prefixes, so the pages don’t get mixed with the original ones.

In the pro version you can do more advanced settings which include permitting different user roles to interact with the plugin, choose which elements do exclude and use post prefixes.

In the pro version, you can create up to a hundred page duplicates without slowing down your WordPress website or worrying about breaking your database.


If you are a fan of Yoast SEO, then you will probably fall in love with Yoast Duplicate post.

Yoast Duplicate Post plugin can help you to choose the pages or posts that you want to duplicate on your WordPress website and include them in draft mode, but with their own templates.

While the plugin is similar to other WordPress page duplicating plugins it also has some pros, that the other plugins do not have.

For example, you can directly duplicate WordPress pages from the inside of your post or page, through a single button click.

You can also use the Yoast Duplicate Post options to include and exclude elements that you do not want to have on your duplicated WordPress pages, so you can save yourself some time and directly start editing.

While you are duplicating your pages, you can always choose to exclude taxonomies.

Some plugins have prefixes and suffixes in their premium version, but the Yoast Duplicate Post plugin will let you add your prefix or suffix for free.

You can also dive in and start creating template tags, so once you start duplicating WordPress pages, you can include them in the right template tag and have everything tidied up, before you had even started.


WP Post Page Clone is the fastest and codeless WordPress page duplicator plugin.

The plugin looks just like it’s made from WordPress and offers you basic functions, like duplicating posts and pages.

If you are searching for a plugin with less functionality, which can duplicate a WordPress page without too much work, WP Post Page Clone is the perfect solution.

You can still edit user roles and give only certain roles to interact with the plugin, so you don’t need to worry if this plugin can keep your website safe from unexpected changes or too many duplicated pages.


Duplicating your WordPress pages can help you maintain a good workflow and help you to concentrate on writing articles faster.

The plugins that were chosen for this list are the fastest and best from everything else that you can find.

Each of them has its pros and cons, so you can pick the one that suites your website the most.

If you are searching for a plugin that has little to no functionality and can save up some space and speed on your WordPress website, you can always go for WP Post Page Clone.

On the other hand if you need a plugin, which can help you to track and duplicate a WordPress page with only the most important information, then you should definitely go for Yoast Duplicate Post.

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