How to Create Redirects in WordPress in 2021

How to Create Redirects in WordPress in 2021
How to Create Redirects in WordPress in 2021

How to Create Redirects in WordPress in 2021

There are a plethora of reasons why we would need to redirect one URL to another, however WordPress does not have this feature by default.

Thankfully, there are numerous plugins available that can easily do the task.

Some are straightforward and simple to use, while others are more complex.

We’ll learn how to properly create redirects in WordPress in this WordPress lesson.

What is 301 redirect?

A 301 redirect mean the original old URL has been move to the new URL.There are many ways to setup and redirect 301 on site.

1)   Best Redirect Plugin WordPress For Properly Creating 301 Redirect

Redirection, Which is free and available in the WordPress repository.

Installing and Setup 301 redirects in Redirection Plugin

Login to your website Dashboard go to Plugins >> Add New >> enter the name of plugin called redirection.

Once plugin installed successfully go to the setting of Redirection plugin.


redirection plugin wordpress


best redirect plugin wordpress


redirect wordpress page to another url


Now insert the old URL to the new Url one by one and hit the add redirection button. Now your have done 301 redirects properly.

2)    Using Best SEO plugin YOAST for Editing Htaccess

We can easily edit the htaccess file through WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, but you have to be very careful to change anything in the htaccess file.

If you missed something, you could break something and then you will not be able to access this page inside the WordPress dashboard panel.

yoast redirect wordpress post
You will totally break the site if you did any mistake in htaccess file.

The best way to edit hatccess file is through FTP which is the right way and you can easily change or correct something and save it.

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3)    Using the Htaccess file to edit Url manually

We will need FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software to edit the htaccess file manually.

Connect Via FTP to your WordPress directory and select the htaccess file to edit.

First, make a backup of htaccess and then carefully edit the file and make all the changes save.

htaccess redirect


It’s vital to redirect all of your old links to the new pages of your website for better SEO and to avoid losing your search engine optimization ranking.

If you don’t redirect the old links, your website’s ranking will suffer, and you’ll have to start again with SEO.

If you have any difficulty in redirecting your URL please comment on the comment box below we will be so happy to help you.

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