2021 Best Ways on How to Configure or Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress

How to Configure or Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress

How to Configure or Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress

In this article we will look at the 2021 best ways on how to configure or disable automatic updates in WordPress, but we suggest you don’t disable updates.

In this WordPress tutorial, we will go through how to configure or disable automatic updates in WordPress, but we suggest you to not disable automatic update for WordPress website.

Notice one thing before update the WordPress core files if you have made any changes or customization in the core file of WordPress, you will lose all changes if you update the WordPress files. So if you want to change anything in WordPress, you have to create a child theme for WordPress parent theme.

How to Disable WordPress Automatic Update Notification

We can disable automatic update for WordPress in two ways by manually updating the core files or by using a WordPress plugin.

To disable updates manually, we have to edit the wpconfiq.php file and enter the following line of code to the file and save it properly.

Disable Automatic Updates for WordPress

We can easily edit the wpconfiq.php by using an FTP software or panel or WordPress dashboard. Use any method to edit and write the code you can do changes easily.

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Be change the file we have successfully disable the WordPress automatic updates but you will still receive when there is a new WordPress update available.

How to Enable Automatic Update for WordPress

Now if you are using a basic theme, plugins and if you want that your website is updated all the time you have to enable automatic updates for WordPress.


Enable Automatic Updates for WordPress


To enable updates for WordPress website or blog all you have to edit the following line of code in wpconfiq.php file and save it.

The Automatic Update WordPress Plugin

If you are new to WordPress content management system or don’t have any experience to change the core file then I will suggest you to use this method of installing a plugin.

The free plugin called advance automatic updates download it form the WordPress website, install and activate it accordingly.

Once the plugin is activated successfully goto setting, >> advanced automatic updates and you will see the screen just like the below screenshot.


Advance Automatic Updates


With just a click you can choose to update WordPress core file automatically, and you can also check the box to update WordPress theme and plugins automatically.

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Disable Automatic WordPress Updates By Using Plugin

Install and active the disable updates manager plugin. Go to WordPress setting in the dashboard and click on disable updates manager plugin to change the settings.


Disabling Automatic WordPress Updates


You can choose form the option to disable only wordpress updates, theme updates or plugins updates according to website need.


The best way is to configure WordPress core files, themes and plugins automatically update in WordPress. If there is a crucial issue or error in the theme or plugins WordPress will automatically update it for you.

There is a small number of chances that automatic updates can break your site, but the minor or small release have not broken any of our sites yet.

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