Best Way on How to Change Your Link Color in CSS in 2021

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Best Way on How to Change Your Link Color in CSS in 2021

Are you bored of the link color you have on your website? If yes then read these Best Way on How to Change Your Link Color in 2021.

Link colors can be edited in CSS and improve the look of your website and keep visitors more engaged.

What are links and in what colors can you find them?

Link colors can be found in different variations with all kinds of hexademical colors, combinations of two or three types of color or just a single type of color.

The idea of changing your link color is to engage more with the users, keep as much as 3 colors on your website and combine those variations to have a perfect and clean design.


When you scroll around websites, you can definitely find so many of them, who have the absolute same link color, which by default is set to blue and after clicked to purple.

Links help visitors navigate through a website and/or go to another one, while searching for a piece of information, shopping or just browsing through contents.

While many of the website visitors are currently bored with seeing the same old link color design, you may have a golden opportunity to change your link color’s css by simple edits.

Now many of you have been using different platforms or have hardcoded websites and are unsure how you can change the design of your website, but this is just another easy step, that can help you boost your traffic and get better results.

And now this brings us to the main question that we all have been having.

Why Should You Change Link Color in CSS?

Changing your link colors with css, or even a plugin, can benefit you in many ways, such as:

  • Your website will have a better look.
  • Only 3 colors will be used and aligned in a good way.
  • Visitors may find your website more attractive.
  • You have bigger chances to win a click from each visitor.
  • Convert visitors into paying customers.
  • Get more email subscribers through each visitor coming to your website.


Changing the link color in css is a piece of cake and needs only 20 seconds of coding done.

The big idea is which color should I choose?

Always choose the colors that you website has, so the link colors can perfectly align and have no problems and no distracted visitors on your website.

If you are using a WordPress website, Blogger website or you have a hand coded website, the process will be the same for each of your, so there will be no need in adding special tabs, for each of the options.

Changing the link color in css

In order to change the link color you will need to go to your css page and include the following:

a {color: #TheColorYouWouldLikeToUse;}

For example you can use many different ways of writing your colors down.

These ways can be:

  • By using rgb(161, 140, 84)
  • By using rgba(161, 140, 84, 0.5) (adds an opacity)
  • By using words such as: color: white;
  • By applying the hex, which is: color: #FFF

Some people have the links on their website underlined, which makes their website not look well, or they just do not want it to be underlined.

For those who wish to remove the underline of their websites, once one of their links is hovered, they can simply remove the text decoration by including the following piece of code.

a {color: #000; Adds black color to each of your links text-decoration: none; Removes the underline of your website}

For adding a line on the bottom of the link, we just have to use the border bottom function and can change the line however we want.

a {color: #000; Adds black color to each of your links text-decoration: none; Removes the underline of your website border-bottom: 1px solid red; Ads a solid red line under your text border-radius: 5px; changes the radius of your border and can make it more stylish.}

Once a link has been visited, it directly turns its color to purple, which may not be looking that good on your website.

In order to change the links color with css to be however we want once a link has been visited, we just have to use the a:visited property.

a:visited {color: #000; Adds black color to each of your links}

When somebody visits your website now, the links will change their color from what you set them, to another color.

You can also keep the colors same, but sometimes it may confuse the visitors, if they had actually visited this page and make them bounce back from the page, which can bring negative results to your website.

Let us get more into the styling of the links and move to the next step, which can be how we can make our links change their color on hover.

This simply means that when a visitor puts his mouse cursor on your link, it will change its color to the one you have defined.

This can simply happen by using the hover property and will look like this.

a:hover {color: #befc03; Adds lime color to each of your links}


If your WordPress theme does not let you change the colors of your links by just editing the css, you can use any kind of plugin, which lets you edit it and set the new options to !important.

The custom CSS plugins, can help you achieve a much more wider control over your WordPress theme, and help you to style more than one element, without knowing CSS at all.

Being a beginner at CSS may be hard sometimes, as most of the elements, you want to change such as the link colors is a hard job, as they may not be overwritten.

CSS Hero

CSS Hero is a unique and impressive plugin, which elts you edit any kind of theme, just like using a pagebuilder, such as Elementor or Divi.

The functions of the plugin are pretty simple and the experience with it does not need a CSS professional.

The plugin is perfect for beginners and lets them choose an element they would like to change, without having to search for the element’s class or id.

CSS Hero is a lightweight plugin, which does not add any unneeded and unbalanced code, as some page builders and lets you maintain your perfect website speed as it is.

There is no need to worry about overwriting your codes, as CSS hero, will just set your newest code, to be !important and keep your original theme’s code untouched.

It will simply not be active, but also will not take any space or keep your elements from loading.

As you can see, editing with CSS hero can happen in two different ways.

By picking the element you would like to edit, or just by typing your custom CSS in the Code Editor box.

You also get to choose different styling, border locations and the style of the border, which can be dashed, straight or groove.

The location of the border can be any of the basic locations you have and can be set by following the simple rule of clockwise.

Same goes for border as: Top, Right, Bottom and Left or border bottom: 1px 0 0 0 solid red;

So there is no need to worry if you get something wrong, as CSS hero is beginner friendly and can help you even learn how CSS works for any element.

Simple Custom CSS

Simple Custom CSS is another great plugin, which is used by web developers who have beginner to medium knowledge regarding to CSS, but can be used by pure novice people too.

The idea of this plugin is to simply overwrite your theme’s options, and include the plugin’s styles.

By just searching the web you can find so many different styles, that you will not believe even.

Most of the people are searching CodePen and implementing the different styles from there.

If you are unsure how to find the class or id of an element, that you want to edit on your website, you can simply click go to an element, right click and inspect the element.

This way we can find any class or id of a given element and change it’s styling options without any struggle.

Custom CSS and JavaScript

Many of you while searching for a custom css plugin to change their links colors, or edit the navigation bar links, are also searching for JavaScript codes, to improve the functionality of the links.

The greatest and fastest plugin, which has more than 500,000 active installs is Custom CSS and JavaScript.

The plugin does, what the title says, but is more special than any other plugin, that you may had used in your life.

Have you heard that the more JavaScript and CSS files you create, can slow down your website?

What this plugin does is to add all of this information linked to your already existing styles and when minifying your .js and .css files, there will be no consequences.

Even if you separate all of your JavaScript codes and CSS styles, there will be no issue with your code going on and all these files will be again served as one.

If you need to highlight your codes, the plugin can always do the job for you and catch up from where you left.

It also has pre-built in Ajax, so you can get lightning fast saves on your files and not suffer for losing any kind of code you have placed.

The plugin also supports SCSS (Sassy CSS) and lets you live preview how your design looks after some customizations.

If you have done something that you do not like, you can always revert back to an older revision without losing your past saves and maintain your workflow.

And final pro of this plugin is that all your codes are served from the filesystem, instead from the databse, which can help your website load even faster and reduce the rendering times.

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