Google Adsense Invalid Click Activity – 4 Best ways on How To Prevent Click Fraud

google Adsense Invalid Click Activity
Adsense Invalid Click Activity
Google Adsense Invalid Click Activity – 4 Best ways on How To Prevent Click Fraud

Are you happy with your Google Adsense approval? If you do, well that’s great! read this Google Adsense Invalid Click Activity – 4 Best ways on How To Prevent Click Fraud

Now all you have to do is to keep the income up, and try to increase google adsense earnings on your account.

Well you are almost far from finishing, because having a Google Adsense Account as many click frauds can occur and you will need to protect your account from the well-known “adsense invalid click activity”.

Note: If you still could not get your Adsense Account Approved, you can check our detailed guide on how to get Google Adsense Account Approval and prepare for the wonderful adventure.


As you may have heard, Google Adsense is currently banning a lot of websites, due to invalid click activity, even if they have not done anything wrong.

In order for Google to protect their authority, they are punishing accounts with ban for life. In other words, this means that you cannot have another Adsense Account on your website, or try registering at all.

It seems bad, to be banished from the “ad heaven”, but nobody wishes and pays for ads, that will be clicked by a bot or real person, who is doing this in order to get a reward, help out a family member/friend or even the worst… to give your ads clicks so you can increase your google adsense click income.

Adsense Invalid Click Activity has been recently seen in many big authority websites, which resulted their ads to be taken down and adsense accounts banned.

Click Spamming also known as Click Bombing is another Adsense Invalid Click Activity, which results in getting you banned and is commonly seen, between new websites, which are gaining growth in increasing their website visitor rate, resulting in more Adsense Clicks.

But why would somebody click bomb and insert Invalid Activity in your Adsense account?
The reason is simple. Your competitor or even other website owners, would not like to see someone else gaining, but losing.

To put it simply, this is a Clash of Websites, where each owner registers 10 domains, keeps up to 10 websites, and tries to get most of his ads with only 1 Google Adsense Account (as this is the limit per IP address).

Note: Changing your IP address will not let you to register another Google Adsense Account. Google is smart and uses your Local IP Address along with your home IP Address. There is no way around on fooling a machine, programmed to detect invalid activities.

What is self-clicking and why is it considered as Adsense Invalid Activity?
Self-clicking is when you click your Google Ads on your website and await some positive income (this will not happen). Clicking on your ads, even if you just wanted to test them out, will result you in ban for breaking the Adsense Privacy Policy

If you would like to test your advertisements, adsense has a ready-made solution, which lets you see if your ads are actually working.

If you wish to browse through your blog posts or ecommerce shop, Google Adsense will not penalize you for invalid click activity, click bombing or bot traffic.

Click Bombing considered as Invalid Click Activity

Adsense Invalid Click Activity – Best Plugins to Prevent Click Fraud – adsense click bombing
Click bombing is the ultimate black hat technique, which will not only get your income dropped down to 0, but also limit your ads, while Google Adsense checks your website for invalid activity.

After the rough check that was done by Google’s AI, real human (working for Google in the Adsense Program), checks you website and determines, whether you should be banned or not.

How does click bomb happen?

Each of us is hard working every day and expecting positive results overnight. Sometimes you may see a skyrocket in your user traffic and a massive increase in CTR, which you may think is natural (a dream come true).

To be honest, it does not work like this. You can expect good results one day, but you should also check from where does this traffic come, who is visiting your website, and where is he clicking.


Adsense Invalid Click Activity – Best Plugins to Prevent Click Fraud – adsense invalid click
In order to protect your Adsense Account from Invalid Click Activity, it will be good to monitor your traffic and its behaviour.

With the time your website becomes more authoritive and has increase in traffic and income. Many of the competitors, would seek a way to kick you out or partner with you, in order to get everything from themselves.

Maintaining your traffic sources, clicks and activity is the key to notice any kind of fraud activity in your ads. This can be simply done with Google Analytics.


Preventing yourself from the Adsense Invalid Click Activity and monitoring your traffic, can be easily done through some WordPress plugins.


Adsense Invalid Click Activity – Best Plugins to Prevent Click Fraud – Adsense Invalid Click Protector
AdSense Invalid Click Protector is a plugin that will save your life from invalid activity and click bombings. With this plugin you can setup a maximum ad click limit.

This advertisement click limit is a way to prevent visitors, from trying to click on all of your ads, which will result in invalid click activity and can block them for a time period.

By preventing users to click on your ads, this plugin also gives a positive signal to your site, which will tell you about the current user and his behaviour on trying to spam your ads with many clicks.

Along with this cool feature, which is preventing users from granting you adsense invalid click activity, you also have a ban option.

The ban option, lets you remove a current user or a whole country from accessing or viewing any of the ads, without having any kind of impact on your user activity, while browsing through blog posts.

What this plugin is attempting to do is to protect you from adsense invalid click activity, as Google Adsense takes no responsibility, for the issues that occur from your website.

In this case, you can block a particular IP/IP’s or a whole country, from destroying your hard work, which is finally paying and can pay you even more with the flow of time.

Along with those functions, you also have a dashboard, in which you can follow the banned IP addresses and countries, which you had setup, while noticing invalid traffic.

Although it has great features, it also has some down sides. For example, this plugin does not prevent you from clicking your own ads, so be on the lookout for this.

Also it does not work for mobile devices, as they are concentrated on touchscreen clicks and not mouse clicks.

What this plugin does is to track any mouse click for suspicious or invalid adsense click activity.


Ads invalid Click Protection
This plugin may be new and have limited abilities, but it does a great job, considering your protection from your Adsense Invalid Click Activity.

What this plugin does is simple.

After you had downloaded and activated the plugin in your WordPress plugins dashboard, you have to do a simple setup.

All you need to do is fill out 3 simple tabs, which include Ads served to visitor, Ban duration for visitors and limiting ads and Ad Serving Delay.

The recommended setting that I would suggest you to use are simple and for sure will bring you most income.

Recommended Adsense Invalid Click Activity setup for Ads Invalid Click Protection

Limit your ads, so a user can see only 3 or 4 ads. Then setup visitor ban duration, which I recommend to be at least 24 hours. The Ad Serving Delay should be preferably set top 5 minutes, which is 300000 milliseconds.

Optional Adsense Invalid Click Activity setup for Ads Invalid Click Protection

You can limit your ads between 6-10 if you have long length content and wish to monetize more. Keep in mind that your ads, should not be more than the content and make your website look like it is MFA (also known as Made For Adsense).

The ban duration can stay the same 24 hours, but can also go for 6 or 12 hours if you set a better delay.

The Ad Serving Delay can be set to 10 minutes, which equals 600000 milliseconds, so you can have more ads and also prevent click bombings.


Adsense Invalid Click Activity – Best Plugins to Prevent Click Fraud – WordPress Adsense Guard.
WordPress Adsense Guard is another plugin, which prevents Adsense Invalid Click Activity, with many more features than the previous mentioned plugins. Although it is outdated, this plugin is still compatible with the current WordPress version.

AdsGuard is a truly unique plugin, which helps you optimize your adsense ads for more income, while blocking the users causing Adsense Invalid Click Activity on your Google Adsense Account.

With its features, you can choose to block users and certain countries, having access to your ads, which are placed on your website.

In this way, you can block the low income countries and concentrate serving ads to only high paying CPM (also known as Cost Per Impression) and CPC (also known as Cost Per Click) ones.

Along with these features, you also get an Ad Placer, which can place your current ads wherever you would like. Maybe 1 before post, 1 in-post and 1 at the end of your post.

The possibilities are unlimited as AdsGuard lets you place as many as you like ad units and ads on your website, while keeping in mind that the lesser you have, the better. The purpose of this is to concentrate on the spammy ads and users.

Along with having ads on your before the post, in it or after it, you can also insert your ads in footer and header.

The option to insert ads can be set automatically or manually (for each ad to have different setup).

As you may know, some of the users have ad blockers, which are preventing their browsers from viewing any kind of ads, which is reflecting on your income (in a bad way to be honest).

AdGuard comes up with a pre-built function, which when enabled, checks if the user is using an ad blocker on his blocker.

When a site visitor has ad blocker enabled, you can simply hide the content on your website, until he disables it. This way he will have to enable receiving ads on his website, in order to view the hidden content.

Your second option for visitors with ad blocker is to use the popup option. When the popup is activated and a visitor has a blocker for ads, this popup will trigger and ask visitor to enable ads on his website.

If these options are not the ones you are seeking for, you have a third one. While visitors have ad blocker on their browser, you can activate a redirection page, which will redirect the user to a page with anti-ad blocker.

When Google crawlers/bots crawl your website, sometimes they open your ads, which is causing you to have Adsense Invalid Click Activity.

You can choose to block ads for these Google Bots, which will not have affect in your SEO results. It simply does not affect your SERP, SEO, SEM or any kind of ranking for your website.

While the mentioned plugins can do a good job, this plugin offers A/B testing, which lets you see how your ads are performing. Simply you can delete existing ads and create new ones, to see which is generating more income from your website.

Inserting ads with this plugin can be done through shortcodes and body tags. You can go the plugin tab and navigate to header/footer and insert your ads there.

Inserting ads into the sidebar or post in each place of your liking, can be done through a shortcode, which is simply taking less time and effort.

In order to serve a best number of ads, this plugin is giving you the feature to see the content gaps and to determine how many ads you can include in your posts.

Also since Google Adsense has strict policy, AdGuard checks your content for percentage of uniqueness and determines if there should be any fix, before you place your ads in the content or anywhere else.

The plugin is compatible for any kind of device (pc, imac, iOS, Android devices) and determines all kind of activity, which flows in your website

Bear in mind so you can protect yourself from Adsense Invalid Click Activity (h2)


No plugin can save you from self-clicking, even if accidental, or if click bombing has been done, before or while installing a certain plugin.

If you have sensed Adsense Invalid Click Activity or have self-clicked your ads, you should report this to adsense, with a detailed report on how this happened.

Otherwise you may lose your Google Adsense Account due to the mistake that has been done.

Google Adsense bots are strict and track each click and action afterwards. Do not test the possibilities as they may result in a permanent ban.

Note: If you did not like any of the plugins and wish to track your website for Adsense Invalid Click Activity, you can do so, by following your Google Analytics and checking how your visitors are acting, when they read your content or view your ads.

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