How to Get a Free Domain Name Forever in 2021

Free Domain Name
How to Get a Free Domain Name Forever in 2021

How to Get a Free Domain Name Forever in 2021

Do you want to own a free domain name forever without paying anything? Well now you can get one through domain name registrars.

Domain name registrars have been around for a long time, competing for the best and cheapest offer.

Some of the even give free domain names, if you actually sign up for a 1 year plan with them. It costs nothing for them to pay a small $5 tax and keep you as a client for long term, but that’s not the case.

The thing is that not everybody can afford a domain name, but wants to train himself. A problem in this scenario would be paying for a domain name, when it doesn’t serve a purpose of making money with their website.

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A domain name serves the purpose of a unique name, which can be used by people to be able to visit your website.

While an IP address holds your website and all of its information, the domain name is set to be the connector between those two, and give access to visitors to the content you wish to display to them.

A domain name can be hosted by you (if you have techie knowledge) or by the web host, you had chosen to store your website’s information.

As you may have heard, there are hundreds of variations of domain names, which can be bought, without worrying that .com is a must.

There are all kinds of variations for a domain name, that you just can’t imagine. Although people still prefer the common ones.

As you may think that if all the Top Level Domains are taken for the domain name you wish to have, it is also common to pick another TLD, such as .shop, .biz or a country like .in.


Most of the websites you check will offer you a free domain only if you sign up with them and pay for a plan that will cost you for a year. But imagine if you could get a totally free domain name without paying anything.

There is still an option to get your domain name without paying a dime, but the available top level domains will not be like the ones you had imagined.

Everything comes with their prices, but for a totally free domain, you can always take what they offer and use it for training purposes, without struggling with paid ones.


As you may have heard or not, Freenom is actually giving out free domain names without asking you to pay anything.

All you have to do is go to their website and enter a single domain name without much hesitation.


Once you had entered Freenom, all you need to do is check out for a free domain name of your liking and see if it’s actually available for registering.

There is no hidden price or fees according to Freenom. All you need is an account after you had picked out your domain name.

Now once we had chosen the domain name for our website, we need to check the top level domains that they offer.

They don’t offer the usual domain names .com, .org, .net or .edu.

What they offer is their usual supported countries TLD’s, such as .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, gq.

You can pick any of the domain names, as you will not be using it to make a business and implement SEO on it, so it will be perfect for a first domain and to see how websites actually work.


Once you had chosen your domain and the period you will take it for, the next step is to actually register yourself.

You can either register with your email and verify it, or use the social sign in, which can speed up the process.

For this guide, we will be using the social sign in with Google, which is the best process as you can receive information on the Gmail account, associated with your Google account.

After you had chosen the method of authentication on Freenom, you will need to verify the email.

Once the verification is done, the domain will be yours and you can set the DNS records, so your website can be all set and visible.


While checking out Freenom, it may start saying that any of the domain names are not available, but you don’t need to worry. They are not taken.

The problem is that sometimes the website gives out a bug, that doesn’t let you to register any of the domain names, as you can see below on the image.

If you wish to find the perfect domain name for you and register, you can just add any of the top level domains and it will let you proceed with the registration of your domain.

As you can see the domain seems to be free, but a while ago it didn’t give any option to choose it for registering.

If the domain is busy even after adding the TLD, then this free domain name had been taken by somebody else, you will need to choose something else.
You can be also adding numbers, which should be perfect for you and available on the website, which will speed up the process of getting your free domain name.


Using a free domain name for learning purposes can be a great way to learn new things, as paying is not an option for everybody.

But using a free domain name for a business website, on which you are trying to generate money, will not work good for you.

The problem will be in the domain, as it is free for only 12 months and may not have the TLD, which you had wanted to have from the beginning.

If you wish to have a business, the best option is to purchase a web host plan for 1 year and get yourself a free domain along with your plan.

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