9 Best Currency Converter Apps for Android

Currency Converter Apps for Android
9 Best Currency Converter Apps for Android

9 Best Currency Converter Apps for Android

These Best Currency Converter Apps for Android will enable you to convert all global currencies, along with Bitcoin, and gold and silver too.

Whether you travel to foreign countries a lot, send and receive international payments, or just have a love for imported things, one thing that might be a problem is calculating the exact currency conversion rate. But don’t worry. Technology has come to the rescue again.Here’s a list of the best currency conversion apps available for Android. Let’s dive in.

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1. Xe Currency Converter & Global Money Transfer

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This currency converter app has exchange rates available for over 130 countries.

It shows you the mid-market live rate and allows you to send and receive money from foreign countries quickly. You just need to enter the sum and hit send. The app enables you to add an unlimited number of recipients for international money transfers.

The app stores and preserves your data, allowing you to pick up from where you left. You can also check the status of any currency over the last ten years with the help of currency charts.

And if you’re a busy person and manually checking the exchange rates is a problem for you, just set the alerts for the countries you’re interested in. The app will notify you whenever your target mid-market rate is live.

Download: Xe Currency Converter (Free)

2. MyCurrency

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This currency converter app is of great value for travelers. You can get instant exchange rates from over 180 countries. It even shows you the conversion rates of old European currencies and virtual currencies (such as Bitcoin, Facebook Credit, Linden Dollar, and more).

The app allows you to access currency charts and comes with an easy-to-use interface with automatic updates available.

Download: MyCurrency (Free)

3. Exchange Rates & Currency Converter

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This app allows you to check the exchange rates of all the currencies in the world. This way, you can calculate the prices of anything that catches your eye, whether you’re online or offline.

The commercial data feed of the app accurately updates every 60 seconds. You can also use this app to check cryptocurrency rates along with the regular currencies. Historical charts are available of the whole last decade starting from yesterday.

Download: Exchange Rates & Currency Converter (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. All Currency Converter

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All Currency Converter has the exchange rates available for over 160 countries. Along with fiat currency, you can check the rate of precious metals like gold and silver with this app.

The app allows access to current trends and charts and has a multi-currency converter and tip calculator available too. After calculating the tip, it also allows you to pay the bill using third-party apps on your phone.

Download: All Currency Converter (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Forex Currency Rates

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The app supports all of the major currencies of over 140 countries, and you can also check the rates of gold and silver.

All the Forex exchange rates are available in one place. You get the currencies’ details along with their last prices and current change of price. Plus, it has a separate universal currency converter tab and supports full-screen charts too.

Forex Currency Rates has support available for Inverse and Reverse selections and it’s easy to add, remove, and refresh your preferred currencies. It comes with simple navigation and is ideal for traders and travelers.

The best part is that you can move this app to external storage if your phone has an SD card slot. This way, even if it gets deleted somehow, the data will remain on your device.

Download: Forex Currency Rates (Free)

6. Easy Currency Converter

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Easy Currency Converter gives you the exchange rates of over 200 countries. It allows you to calculate and share the results with others using third-party apps. You can also decide up to how many decimal places you want your exchange rates in and update it in the settings up to five decimals.

Moreover, you can change the language and theme of the app and decide how frequently you need it to update. For example, you can set it to update you about the exchange rates every 5-30 minutes or once a day.

You can add certain currencies as favorites to get quicker access and check the historical graph for the exchange rate since 2011.

Download: Easy Currency Converter (Free)

7. Currency Converter – Exchange

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This currency converter app is best for people who regularly trade in foreign currencies. You can use this app to convert fiat currencies as well as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Using this app, you get a conversion rate up to two decimal places. Plus, it keeps on updating, so you get a real-time rate fluctuation.

If you’re away from the internet, it’s no problem as the app works fine offline. Plus, you can also access historical charts.

Download: Currency Converter – Exchange (Free)

8. Currency Converter

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This app helps you keep track of multiple currencies. It comes with an offline currency calculator, which is best for people making or receiving one-time payments.

You can check the historical graph or the current news related to the currencies you’re converting. However, unlike the calculator, these features will only work when your device has an internet connection.

Download: Currency Converter (Free)

9. Currency Converter Plus Free

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The last app on the list is Currency Converter Plus Free. It allows you to set your own custom fields for instant currency conversion and comes with a calculator that you can use to check prices in your local currency.

You also get access to historical currency charts of up to one year from the previous day. And you can convert multiple currencies at once, including Bitcoin and metals.

The app also provides live rates and graphs by AccuRate and is available to use offline. It supports all major currencies, along with virtual currencies like Bitcoin, plus precious metals like gold, silver, palladium, platinum, and more.

Download: Currency Converter Plus Free (Free, in-app purchases available)


Whether you’re sending or receiving international payments or buying something in a foreign country, you should always know its value in your local currency.

Select one of the above apps that suits your needs and make the process easier for yourself.

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