10 Top Blog Sites for Beginners – Free Blog building in 2021

10 Top Blog Sites for Beginners - Free Blog building in 2021

10 Top Blog Sites for Beginners – Free Blog building in 2021

This post will help you know about the latest 10 Top Blog Sites for Beginners – Free Blog building in 2021 and what you need to do to structurally build up your website for free to your own standard.

More than ever, free blogging websites such as WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Ghost, Google sites, and BlogSpot, and much more are helping billions of new bloggers to design visually attractive sites without learning how to code.

Here are my selections for the top best free blog sites for beginners to utilize this year. Since building a website or blog has gotten much simpler in the last few years, here are some of my top 10 best free blogging websites you need to use to make your first website. The good news is “it’s free and very easy to set-up”.

Since 1993, individuals are designing sites that interest them to generate income or assist promote their most important businesses online.

As you’re here on my own site, I am guessing you are considering starting a site of your own. Or, you might choose to initiate a niche site for a positive hustling to earn money blogging out of your daily job.

Our Take for the 10 Top Blog Sites for Beginners – Free Blog building in 2021 will help you to Build Your Website at No Cost in 2021 and below are my top 10 free blogging sites to start building your own blog (niche) in 2021 and beyond.

  1. WordPress (Self-Hosted)

10 Top Blog Sites for Beginners – Free Blog building in 2021

WordPress.org (also referred to as self-hosted WordPress) is an open-source content management system (CMS) and it was created in 2003 with the objective of providing the world a really free blogging system.

Open-source means applications that are offered freely and may be altered by other people. CMS is a program or software which allows you to make and manage your digital content.

WordPress is totally free to use, however, you’ll have to register for a paid monthly hosting program and buy a domain name so as to utilize it (i.e. self-hosting).

We’ll go into more detail regarding internet hosting but it is essential to be aware that it is extremely cheap to run a self-hosted WordPress site –believe $2 for $10/mo.

Apart from being a fantastic complimentary publishing tool also search-engine friendly content management system (CMS), WordPress functions for everybody from amateur bloggers to large-scale companies primarily because it gives a huge collection of paid and free custom plugins and themes.

This makes WP highly flexible, and user-friendly, and SEO (search engine optimized). In my view, WordPress is the best blogging software available, and that I build my own websites exclusively on this stage.

As an individual, you have the choice of constructing a site at WordPress.com (not recommended) or developing a self-hosted WordPress site in your own server and domain names utilizing WordPress.org (highly recommended).

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org — Why You Need To Buy Hosting

You will find enormous differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

If you are considering making money blogging, then offering freelance services, or turning your site into a company, then you need to cover hosting. As a result of the broad range of customization options, it is just the best blogging system on the market.

Having a self-hosted WordPress site, you can generate income by setting up banner advertisements, including affiliate links, promoting goods, making online classes, or some other way that you need to monetize your site.

You’ve got total control of your site, including layout, performance, and user expertise.

If You Would like to be taken seriously as a blogger and also have the potential to earn a part or full-time Revenue blogging, beginning a self-hosted WordPress site is the way to go, which requires creating a little investment in hosting

Luckily, I have negotiated a particular 40% off discount with Hostinger web host so that your hosting prices can be as low as $2.95 a month and you receive a completely free domain also.

WordPress Prons as Best free Blog sites:

Flexibility: It is possible to run anything on WordPress, which ranges from a meal or mommy site into an e-commerce shop selling goods, jewelry, or gifts.

Cost: The WordPress program is absolutely free and you simply pay domain and server expenses.

Reliability: WordPress has a staff continuously updating its applications and safety.

Variety and Customization: WordPress is open source, therefore encouraging programmers to construct thousands of custom plugins and themes. As a result of this, WordPress is practically entirely customizable.

WordPress Cons as Best free Blog sites:

Hosting: To get the most from WordPress and its attributes, you have to host it on your server. This adds domain name and domain hosting prices, but if you anticipate making money online for a freelancer or freelancer, then a self-hosted WordPress website is an excellent long-term investment.

Coding: Occasionally customization needs just a small coding, though you may have a gorgeous WordPress site straight from the box. In the end, WP has more than 3,000 designs to select from.

  1. BlogSpot or Blogger

10 Top Blog Sites for Beginners – Free Blog building in 2021

Among the very first blogging platforms, Blogger was previously called BlogSpot. This Google-owned service is the most popular among casual bloggers that write or discuss online for pleasure.it also one of my best free blog sites for beginners to create a freelancing portfolio for my client.

Blogger is best-known because of its instantaneous installation and easy-to-use program. On the other hand, the number of sites I come across which are still on Blogger appears to be dwindling, as lots of migrating to WordPress to unlock extra performance.

Every user may enroll up to 100 blogs here, so it is acceptable for somebody who would like to try their hands with a couple of distinct blogs. 1 advantage over WordPress is that you can use your own customized domain name at no cost, which is something that WordPress fees for.

This is only one of those longest-running blogging platforms since it has existed since 1999. Google bought out the firm behind it (Pyra Labs) in 2003. Since being purchased by Google it’s had Picasa and Hello incorporated into it, which makes it a lot easier to include photographs.

The truth is that Blogger is part of how Google brings various additional benefits also. By way of instance, it’s possible to make money more readily here since it supports Google’s AdSense.

An opinion held by a few programmers is that this is a fantastic platform for getting started. However, since a website develops it might make sense to change to WordPress.

Blogger Pros:

Stability: Blogger.com has existed long enough it is extremely secure, particularly using Google’s support. Additionally, it is quite secure.

Monetization: Earning money through Google AdSense is simple because of its easy integration.

Simplicity: It is a really easy platform to comprehend, even for novices with no experience.

Blogger Cons

No Customization. Everything you see is what you receive, and you can not customize Blogger even in the event that you alter the backend code. Additionally, it is difficult to set up your site along with your own domain.

Insufficient Design: Themes and layouts on Blogger are restricted, and there aren’t any plugins for additional features or functionality.

Lack of Service: There’s not much community service on Blogger compared to the larger developer community on WordPress. It isn’t updated quite often with new capabilities.

  1. 3. Medium

10 Top Blog Sites for Beginners – Free Blog building in 2021

The medium is one of the best blog sites for beginners on the top 10 in this list, since it is not actually a true site builder.

In reality, whilst Medium is a free blogging website, it functions marginally more like a network of authors matches social networking platform.

That having been said, Medium is totally free to talk about your site content, and you will begin immediately, and is also a great alternative for writers searching for exposure via a free blogging website which also includes a sizable built-in community part. It would work nicely for a hobby website, or to begin finding your voice as a writer.

Another reason people utilize Moderate would be to provide new life into the material they created elsewhere. Since medium includes an integrated crowd, some people decide to republish blog articles they have posted in their own blog–to assist drive visitors back to their own blog sites.

About Medium

The medium was initially made not as a free blogging website, but instead to be a societal networking outlet for those that wanted to write more articles than the ones that you might find on Facebook or even Twitter.

When Medium started in 2012, CEO Ev Williams published a blog article called, “Welcome to Medium.” Inside, he explained the aim of the platform.

Medium is a brand new location online where folks discuss blog article thoughts and tales which are more than 140 characters and not only for friends. It is designed for small stories which produce your day better and manifestos which change the world.”

On Medium, you can donate frequently or only once in a blue moon, with no dedication to a site. And either way, you are publishing into a booming, pulsing network maybe not a standalone site, which you are responsible for maintaining alive.”

The main aim of the medium is that it provides you a built-in audience like when you place content on YouTube, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Pros of Medium as one of the best blog sites for beginners      

Effortless to Understand and Publish: Moderate could just be the simplest free blogging website to utilize out of all of the choices on this listing. Simply register and begin writing.

It’s not necessary to establish a site or search for hosting. Everything is prepared for you to begin immediately. The blogging interface is also very simple and requires no time at all to comprehend.

Totally Free to Utilize: Moderate is totally free to utilize. No hidden charges or upgrades required, which makes it a free blog website.

Built-in Audience: When you print Medium, you are writing to an audience that currently exists. You do not necessarily need to compete with SEO pros on Google so as to learn the way to discover your intended audience on Moderate, particularly because there are dozens and dozens of dedicated Medium books that could feature your articles (if you really do some wise blogger outreach to impress them with your writing).

Cons of Medium as one of the best blog sites for beginners

Practically No Customization: Aside from adding pictures, videos, or even embedding social networking articles, every article on Medium looks exactly the same.

It is like posting on Facebook–your text and graphics are distinct but each article has essentially the exact same design and layout.

With Medium, there are not any themes, programs, or plugins to personalize your articles, which will make it among the very easy free blogging platforms in the marketplace nowadays.

No (Actual) Monetization: Moderate isn’t a platform you can use to market your site. There is no alternative for advertisements or eCommerce. It is explicitly contrary to the principles to, “promote or market third party goods, services, or brands via Moderate posts, books, or letters,” but you may nevertheless market your site content with strategies like blogger outreach.

You may utilize affiliate links, but you are not permitted to make articles,” mostly to drive visitors to or boost the search positions of, an outside website, merchandise, or support… Scraping and reposting articles from different sources to the main goal of generating earnings or other private gains. I viable way to make some income from Moderate, however, would be to compose an eBook that you may promote to your engaged crowd (done carefully within an outside website, of course).

You Do Not Have a Website of Your Own: With Moderate as your free website site, you do not need to look after the maintenance of a site that might be a plus for some.

On the flip side, you finally don’t have any control over the material that you print. You’re doing, “own the rights to this material that you produce and post on Medium.” However, your articles may also be eliminated for “any reason”

Allow me to be clear, With Medium, you are publishing on somebody else’s website. That means that they have control over how things are introduced.

They’re also able to alter how they do things at Moderate without consulting with you or contemplating your interests… and hell, they can even go out of business daily, getting your free site right along with it.

That is among the greatest reasons why hosting your blog (where you are in control) is your smartest way to begin a site.

  1. 4. Joomla

10 Top Blog Sites for Beginners – Free Blog building in 2021

Joomla is frequently in contrast to WordPress since it’s likewise an open-source material management program.

It’s a self-hosted blogging system. What that means is you will have to organize a domain name and hosting to your own blog.

The restricted amounts available suggest it is the 2nd most commonly used content management platform for most bloggers, supporting WordPress. Joomla was downloaded 88 million times since being established in 2005.

This is an extremely versatile system since it is possible to use it to make all manner of unique blogs or sites. You will find lots of varied templates which you can use to style your site using Joomla.

Additionally, you may even add extensions that provide you access to more practical capabilities.

However, it ought to be noted that there are much fewer choices with this particular platform compared to WordPress. Another possible disadvantage to bloggers is that it may be complicated to find support.

Typically, you’ll need to rely on reaching out to the community of customers to find answers to some issues that encounter.

If you are not technically experienced or interested in conducting a site you might be concerned about feeling as if you’re out on a sidewalk. The platform is usually user-friendly but you can struggle if you encounter any issues.

Additionally, you may just wish to use Joomla if you’re comfortable handling your own security problems, upgrades, and backups.

The stage itself is free but you’ll have to cover a domain name and hosting if you’re going to conduct your site with this service.

Joomla Pros As Best free Blog sites for beginners:

  • An assortment of extensions and themes to Select
  • Free to utilize
  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Joomla Cons As Best free Blog sites for beginners:
  • Have to organize domain name and hosting
  • Can be Hard to find support
  • Start Hosting Your Site with Joomla Here
  1. Wix

10 Top Blog Sites for Beginners – Free Blog building in 2021

Wix is just one of the best contenders to WordPress as it comes to ease-of-use and performance. Together with the drag-and-drop, users can assemble a gorgeous site from scratch in only moments. Additionally, it includes templates that may help new users produce a more well-composed and presentable website.

Exactly like WordPress, Wix also has the performance required to build nearly any website. It has an eCommerce service ideal for small business owners and independent vendors. For beginners looking to rapidly launch a website, this stage is a fantastic alternative.

Wix Pros as Best free Blog sites for beginners:

Simple to use: User-friendly drag and drop functionality which makes creating basic sites fast and effortless

Free alternative: Wix includes a free choice that can help get you started also permits you to check the stage prior to buying a package. This doesn’t include the capability to use your domain name and demands that you conduct their advertisements on your website.

Excellent templates: Packages arrive packed with pre-built templates, saving you time and letting you concentrate on growing your company.

Automatic copies: Wix automatically generates backup points to your site you are able to restore at any moment.

Wix Cons As Best free Blog sites for beginners:

Prices: Wix is Simple to Use, but that comes at an affordable cost. The most affordable ad-free choice is $14 a month.

Functionality: Launched templates are fantastic, but for further alterations, there is not much flexibility. If you are cool playing in a restricted frame, Wix is for you. However, if you’re searching for a high degree of customization, then we would suggest going with self-hosted WordPress.

Website Speed: Much like the performance, there’s just so much that you can perform using a Wix website concerning website speed. The websites are fast enough, but they are better. Your hands are tied to everything you can do in order to really accelerate your own website.

Start Hosting your Blog with Wix

  1. Tumblr

10 Top Blog Sites for Beginners – Free Blog building in 2021

Tumblr differs from the likes of WordPress and Blogger in it is a micro-blogging platform using a powerful social networking site. But, it will also have a variety of components in common with all those other platforms.

Statistics from the end of 2017 revealed there were more than 375 million websites on Tumblr. In ancient 2016 traffic has been reported to become 555 million people every month. It had been purchased by Yahoo in 2013 and then preceded in the hands of Verizon Communication in 2017. One of the most intriguing things about Tumblr is your social networking aspect. This offers you features that permit you to follow different sites, reblog their articles and discuss content easily with built-in tools.

Tumblr is a particularly powerful means of fast blogging multimedia like movies, pictures, and GIFs. The platform delivers a reasonable variety of distinct topics which may be utilized to present your blog the appearance that you are after. You might even decide to add topics and programs from a third-party programmer if you would like.

But it ought to be pointed out that it’s a rather limited number of attributes, which might prove frustrating in the event that you would like to cultivate your site as time passes. Some site owners discover they will need to go from Tumblr to something such as WordPress or Blogger after a time. But it’s fairly tricky to get this done.

Tumblr is absolutely free to use though it is possible to pay to use a customized domain if you would like. When you’re setup you use a dash to control everything, using a live feed of those sites which you’re after on it. From this dash, it’s possible to include comments or enjoyment, in addition, to reblog. It is also possible to upload your posts out of here and join them on social networking websites.

This Is a Great option for a certain Kind of blogger; anyone that would like to utilize the ability of social media and is considering submitting multimedia in Addition to text content and among the most attractive components of Tumblr is your free programs. But bear in mind, Tumblr is nearer to some social networking platform compared to a site builder.

Tumblr Pros:

Simple To Start and Post: If it comes to ease of use, you cannot beat Tumblr. It’s possible to begin a Tumblr site in under 5 minutes, and all you need to do in order to publish something is select your post-type (picture, movie, connection text, or text), enter your articles, and click on”Publish”.

Multiple Blog Management: Tumblr’s fundamental Control Panel makes managing several sites effortlessly.

Themes Alternatives: Tumblr includes a massive variety of amazing themes to select from.

Mobile-Friendly: The Tumblr blogging system is mobile-friendly via committed smartphone programs, encouraging a blogger’s need to place on-the-go with SMS, email, or sound message.

Tumblr Cons:

Not Heard for Text or Composing: Tumblr’s layout is indeed highly observable that text-heavy blogging is frustrated. If you’re thinking about creating a high-value website focused on written articles, Tumblr ought to be your final option. Otherwise, Tumblr can be a fantastic selection for a comedy blog using memes, pictures, or videos.

Safety: Tumblr lacks great caching and anti-virus plugins. This could lead to a slow loading or compromised website.

Devalued Content: Tumblr’s significant emphasis on sharing will devalue original content seen in more conventional sites, particularly textual content.

  1. Weebly

10 Top Blog Sites for Beginners – Free Blog building in 2021

Weebly is just another easy-to-use alternative for aspiring website owners without a technical background.

Using its intuitive drag-and-drop website builder, you can construct professional-looking sites and sites very quickly. If you would like to go deeper into personalization, it is also possible to access and alter the layout principles of your website.

The same as SquareSpace and Wix, Weebly additionally has eCommerce performance. Additionally, it provides a choice of pre-configured topics for company sites, online portfolios, private websites, and event sites.

Weebly Pros:

Simple to use: Weebly is among the simplest website builders to utilize. The whole service is aimed towards novice bloggers and site owners, which means that you can expect the whole process of constructing a website to be user-friendly and frictionless as possible.

Template Library: Weebly’s website builder is packed with a lot of themes and templates which are prepared for use. These tools make the launch of a new website fast, leaving you to just swap out text, images, and wording.

Weebly Mobile App: One amazing thing about Weebly is that they offer you a mobile app construct. This sets them apart from most other site builders. You are able to construct an iOS and Android app working with a comparable drag and drop builder because you would in the event that you were constructing a website. You might even work offline with this builder.

Weebly Cons:

Free plans do not get a domain name: As you’d expect, the free alternative that Weebly provides doesn’t have a domain name. If you want to join a domain name to your free accounts, it is going to be an excess charge. The firm’s pricing is not affordable.

Restricted performance: Weebly sites are restricted in performance. Like Wix, you have to play over the CMS and plugins that the provider provides. Free is great, but should you require extra control and plugins, we would suggest WordPress.

Client support comes at a cost: Free programs include limited support. If you’re searching for live chat or telephone service, consider again. Free Weebly hosting programs have access to FAQs and their aid center, but that is it.

  1. Squarespace

10 Top Blog Sites for Beginners – Free Blog building in 2021

Squarespace is frequently compared with Wix because of their similarities. If it comes to website development, both platforms offer you a drag-and-drop site builder. Both have eCommerce support and each of the resources required to construct an internet shop without creating one line of code.

But, when Wix and Squarespace are compared side by side, SquareSpace includes a little more depth. Additionally, it has a built-in analytics dash that will help users optimize their website as time passes. The only disadvantage is the fact that it isn’t quite as simple or flexible as Wix regarding customization and design.

Squarespace Pros As Best Free Blog Sites for beginners in 2021:

Templates and Designs: Squarespace’s site builder comes standard with pre-built templates and layouts that you utilize. This makes designing simple without needing to make things from scratch if you don’t need to achieve that.

Service: Unlike many free blogging platforms, Squarespace supplies customers on the free program with support alternatives such as live chat. Their service representatives are aware of what they’re doing and make obtaining aid fast and simple.

Squarespace Cons As Best Free Blog Sites for beginners in 2021:

Page Speed: The rate of Sites on Squarespace may be radically improved. As you should not expect a high-performing site from a free blogging system, you need to have the ability to expect adequate enough rates, or the capability to speed yourself up with optimization and plugins. That is 1 place Squarespace must enhance.

  1. 9. Ghost

10 Top Blog Sites for Beginners – Free Blog building in 2021

Ghost was set in 2013 in the Kickstarter job, with the intent of supplying a free blogging website to specialist authors. It has some similarities to WordPress, also such as WordPress, it’s a hosted and self-hosted edition. The self-hosted variant is completely free, however (like with WordPress) will not take a domain name and hosting.

Ghost would work nicely for men and women that are searching for an easy, completely free blog site that is especially geared towards blogging. While WordPress started as a blogging system, it has developed into far more than that. Ghost remains solely concentrated on blogging, not on overall site creation or eCommerce.

About Ghost

Ghost is a free blogging website, mainly because the owner (John O’Nolan) aims and desired to make a Ghost blog site like WordPress which has been totally exclusively for writers while becoming every easy to write on and also to navigate. Ghost blog sites are a nonprofit blog that’s still in its new and gaining its footing as a free blogging system. Additionally, it appears they’re considering changing the management of the stage in the upcoming months.

Here’s an excerpt from Ghost’s 2018 interior look:     

This was our biggest mistake along with the toughest lesson to learn — since consumer opinions told us this is what was important… But it was still not easy enough for the typical consumer, and not strong or flexible enough for the expert user — the worst of both worlds.

So the greatest takeaway following 5 decades is that we’ve been moving, and will continue to move forward, toward professional customers who value flexibility and power over simplicity of signup. That is where we could win in comparison to the competition. This is the area where Ghost comes into its own. The hosted version of Phantom has its own cheapest program priced at $29 per month, so it clearly does not have a free alternative.

Ghost is an open-source CMS, however, so there’s a totally free self-hosted variant available. Registering for that’s simpler than heading with WordPress.org as your free site of selection, however.

Pros of Ghost as a Best Free Blog Sites for beginners

No installation required.

It’s simple to use and handle.

It is totally free if you’re delighted using a WordPress.com subdomain. Your free site name appears like this: https://codedportal.com.

Cons of Ghost best free blog sites for beginners

Limited alternatives to expand your website: You can’t use custom plugins and themes for customizing your own blog.

You can’t run ads on your site. Rather, WordPress.com will present its advertisements on your free site.

You don’t have your site, and WordPress.com will suspend your account if they discover you’re violating their conditions of support.

10 Yola

10 Top Blog Sites for Beginners – Free Blog building in 2021

Yola is a free blogging website that is rather simple to use, using a drag-and-drop attribute. It is WYSIWYG, simple and it does not take long to understand & use.

I personally would not believe Yola’s free variant since the best free blogging website to decide on. Though it will give you access to wonderful responsive templates, the free version is quite limited and does not really stack up against the other online blogging websites we have compared within this list.

The ability to utilize your Yola website as an eCommerce area is most likely one of its alluring capabilities. Sadly, this isn’t accessible with the free program.

Above all, you cannot create a site straight on the Yola website. You may just make a site by incorporating an already present Tumblr blog. With these items in mind, I’d recommend the free version of Yola’s as a means to have fun with site construction or to ascertain if you are considering paying for a higher premium program.

About Yola

Yola started as a free blogging website in South Africa in 2007. The business can be found in Cape Town and now has over 12 million consumers. Yola has about 80 templates just one minor problem with their templates is that they aren’t categorized at all. That means you are going to need to decide if you believe the template functions for the website you are attempting to create. The Site builder is available in six languages including English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The aim is, that yola offers a free program that makes it very easy and simple for you to get your blog on the internet.

Using a free program you get:

3 Pages

1GB bandwidth

1GB storage

Yola subdomain

Our Take for the Top 10 Best Free Blog Sites for beginners to consider in 2021

We feel that WordPress.org outperforms other blogging sites. It’s strong, simple to use, cheap, and also the most flexible of available blogging platforms.

To assist you to begin your own WordPress site, we’ve produced a comprehensive guide on the best way to begin a site in just 10 good Easy Steps.

According to John O’Nolan, creator of Ghost in his opinion, if you need a very simple best blog site with eCommerce which you design to conduct your organization, provide Squarespace blog sites an attempt.

If you would like to take part in social networking with sharing and re-posting and tons of articles, then perhaps Tumblr is a much better match for you. On the other hand, if you are seeking to develop your very own fully self-hosted websites or program then WordPress is perfect for you.

Hopefully, this article helped you pick the best blog sites for beginners to consider hosting your dream blog in 2021.

If you enjoyed this guide, then please share it on your social media handle and, if you have any questions feel free to ask, we’ll be more than happy to help.

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