5 Best WordPress Star Rating Plugins in 2021

5 Best WordPress Star Rating Plugins in 2021

5 Best WordPress Star Rating Plugins in 2021

Best WordPress Star Rating Plugins: In 2021 it’s all about the reviews and how many stars you have on your website’s products or services.

Rating with stars has never been easier with WordPress rating plugins, which do all the dirty work and all that’s left is for your visitors to give the first star reviews.

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Star rating plugins are a trend since long time and help users to understand if your products are actually worth buying or even checking out.

E-commerce websites or applications intend to use star ratings so the people can give an honest review through stars and help the future buyers in buying the same product.

You can find so many website, which are using a star rating plugin, but I would prefer to start with AliExpress.

If you had never heard about AliExpress, it is an application, which unites people from different countries to create small stores online and sell stocks around the world.

The cool thing about Ali is that they use star ratings and real customer reviews, which can be written only after you had purchased and received a product from them.

If you are on a hunt for a quality product, which is critical for you to have, then filtering the ratings is a must for your positive shopping experience.

By just registering and searching for a product, you can always choose how many stars you want a certain product to have and filter out the low star rating ones, away from the others.

Since you know that people love filtering products by stars or reviews, then why not include a star rating plugin in WordPress?

Star rating plugins can help with fast filtering and higher conversion rates, which are in benefit for you and your clients.


Star rating plugins are a small, but important thing when you are an owner of an e-commerce or any kind of service selling website.

They represent of how good is the customer experience when they buy and use your product or when they order and receive your services.

Star ratings are not only visible on your website, but can also be seen in various places, such as Google or even on websites, which are discussing your products.

As you can see, the baked chicken wings recipe has more than 500 votes and 4.5 stars rating in Google.

It’s very helpful and informative way, which can attract more visitors and result in higher conversion rates.

Making money through star ratings in WordPress is an easy and beginner friendly step that you have to take. Otherwise you will be losing a lot.


Yes, they can. Star rating plugins help out visitors give their honest opinion in the form of stars, followed by text.

Even Google My Business is advising websites, to add their business on the map and get found when searching.

Even if you are a local or worldwide business, having your website out there connected with GMB, you will be taken out in the local searches.

Asking your clients or visitors to leave a star review (even if negative), can still help your website to get a better position in the SERPs.

The whole idea is that star reviews help visitors to find out the quality of a certain service, restaurant or a shop. Nowadays people don’t go out without checking the reviews of a place even.

That’s why having a star rating plugin on your website can always get you high with negative ratings also. After all, there is no bad advertisement. Except the fake ones.


There are hundreds of star rating plugins for WordPress, but which one is the correct?

In my opinion I always go for star WordPress plugins, which are:

  • Clean coded
  • Don’t have too much features (only include the ones you really need).
  • Don’t ask straight for paying a premium version and give you time to test and think about it.
  • Don’t take too much space.
  • Make less requests, so your website doesn’t get stuck on loading forever.
  • Has a beginner friendly interface and interaction.
  • Would look attractive and offer custom CSS, so it can be customized if needed.

It may look like I want too much from a single plugin, but since I know what I want and search under rocks and trees, I always find it.

Until now I haven’t paid a dime and have a fully functional website, so if you are confused with choosing, you can check out my article about the most popular WordPress plugins.


The Rating-Widget plugin has a perfect star review system, which can be placed on any of your posts or services and help your customers to engage with it.

The plugin is fully GDPR compliant and fairly new, so you will not see more than 10,000 downloads, but the speed and functions of the plugin are the only ones you will need in order to get star ratings on your WordPress website.

If you are managing a website, which has many writers, you can always add author reviews, which would be helpful for article buyers to find out if the people you pay have quality and not just write quantity articles.

If you are using custom post types plugins, Rating-Widget is perfectly optimized to work along with customized fields.

The plugin is mobile friendly and SEO optimized. You will not suffer speed losses or too many requests, which could slow the loading of elements on your WordPress website.

The plugin is fully compatible with community plugins, such as BuddyPress and BBPress. BBPress requires buying their professional plan.

Rating-Widget lets you place star ratings on members comments and posts, which are stored inside the database of your website and are kept safe until the plugin is deleted.


Yasr is a freemium stars rating plugins, which can enhance the way your website works. Their star rating widgets are so well coded, that your old star rating plugin will look like a dusty vintage tool, which doesn’t belong on your website anymore.

Embedded to the Gutenberg editor Yasr had never been easier to be used. With a simple click of a button, you can add reviewer and visitor types of star ratings.

Each star rating is unique and saved inside your WordPress plugin’s database.

If you had been using a different star rating plugin, Yasr lets you transfer all the information in just a few clicks.

In order for a migration to be successful, you need to keep your old plugin active. Yasr will detect the active star ratings plugin and ask you if you would like to transfer all the information.


Site Reviews is a simple star rating plugin, which has so many features, that you can’t imagine.

The best things about this plugin is that you can add your star reviews inside any post, product or page. It has a simple Woocommerce integration, which can let you add reviews to each of your product pages in just a few clicks.

Some websites have bad reviews and this is not the fault of the owners. Every website can have bad users, which add trolling reviews and transfer users over their website.

Well, with Site Reviews you can ask your users to register themselves and assign reviews to their comments, so your visitors can easily flag out and filter hungry for visitors trolls.

If your website had been made on more than one language Site Reviews has a perfect integration and translation of each review, so your users can get informed on the product reviews.


Customer reviews for WooCommerce is the perfect e-commerce solution, for starting a professional website, just like AliExpress.

The star ratings this plugin offers can be find in many customizable forms, including all kinds of trust badges, which can be integrated, with each product on your store.

You can opt your visitors for simple registration before submitting their review, so you can know, which customer bought a product and if the review is actually relevant.

With Customer Reviews for WooCommerce, visitors can submit star rating reviews for multiple products at once, but only if they had shopped those products. Each product can receive a star rating individually.

The best thing about this star rating plugin is that your customers can include relevant images to how the product looks once bought.

Most of the clients you may have are being confused, because the product color or the lighting was different on the image and actual product.

Letting your customers attach images, can always clear out the confusion and help your visitors make their purchase on your website.


Multi Rating is a classic WordPress rating plugin, which lets you have fast and SEO-optimized star ratings. This is the most lightweight star rating plugin, which can easily add review snippets under each of your post titles in Google, so you can improve your SEO results.

Each of the star ratings are fully customizable and can be changed at any time through custom HTML and CSS.

The star ratings are also changeable and can be swapped with any kind of images by your choice.

If your website is multilingual or you are using any multilingual plugin, you can easily integrate Multi Rating with your multi language plugins without causing issues to your website.

The star rating results are stored in a database and can be always exported through an CSV file and imported to any kind of star rating plugin, if you wish to make changes on your plugins list.


Star rating plugins are a good choice for e-commerce, food ordering or any kind of service offering website.

Sometimes for writing blog posts or offering your services it could be a good way to attract people through reviews.

Websites that offer business reviews through star ratings without plugins can also be helpful for you.

For example, TrustPilot is a great website, which shows who had bought a product from your website, who was invited by you and their individual star rating followed by a comment review.

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