7 Best WordPress Security Plugins to Protect Your Website

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7 Best WordPress Security Plugins to Protect Your Website

Is your website well protected? If not, you definitely need to check out these 7 best WordPress security plugins to protect your website.

Having a lot of spam attacks, comments and repetitive requests is normal when you don’t protect your WordPress website. In, fact even the protection can’t save you if you have nulled themes or plugins.

Nowadays if someone can’t afford to buy a plugin or a theme, he just goes and downloads the latest update he can find on the internet. After some time, this theme or plugin just gets outdated and needs a new version. Do you know what happens when you use such pirated themes or plugins?

You get what you have never expected. It is like leaving the front door of your home open with a sign “rob me” and expecting your home to be secure.

That’s why you should be always cautious and keep in mind that if you can’t afford something, you should just go for its free version. To help you out even more, we have made a list of the best free and premium themes for your WordPress website, that may help you get noticed in no time.


If you are not a techie, a geek or simply don’t have time to clear out spam from your website (just like me), then a security plugin may keep your website clean and perform much better.

Security plugins are not only helpful to keep your website protected from hackers, but also to keep it clean from spam attacks and attempts to log in to your WP admin dashboard.

You may find many kinds of security plugins, but we will keep you in touch with the most used and best WordPress security plugins.


As fast answer you should only have an anti-spam plugin and log in prevention plugin. Keeping your website spam free from too many log in attempts can actually keep your servers healthy and your website speed fast.

Sometimes you may be wondering how many plugins should I keep on my website.

The long answer is a bit complicated, but luckily this post is about WordPress security plugins and we will be explaining a lot more in depth than the other bloggers could explain.

When you have a WordPress website, you should always watch out for what kind of plugins and themes you are downloading, as some of them may be the last thing you do.

Even if you download safely from WordPress.org it still does not mean you are not vulnerable to being hacked.

In fact, you can check this graph and see the most vulnerable to hacking plugins and see why you should protect your website from such dangerous behavior.

So now when we know that some of the plugins we are using, can actually cause panic as they are not well protected, we need to find out what plugins to use.

Usually these plugins are just over bloated with so much scripts that you can’t just imagine. I always like to check if the plugin is safe, how much place it is taking or how much speed will I sacrifice.

Now we all know that some of these plugins cannot be actually taken away and changed with another one, which is doing a similar job. It’s preference after all and mostly the functionality that they have, can’t be found in any other plugin we may be using.


Below are the list of the 7best wordpress security plugins to protect your website:


You may always hear me saying Wordfence is the best security plugin or it has the best features and that’s totally correct.

Wordfence is a one and only top security plugin, which lets you manage your website in real time.

It’s not like your basic CDN, for example Cloudflare or any other CDN that may come to your mind. It’s totally unique and a must to have on your websites.

With Wordfence you can protect your website in real time, monitor the traffic and its behavior, without sacrificing any speed or having your visitors dealing with troubles.

After you download and setup Wordfence you directly start tracking and have the full power to ban a country or an IP address, which you believe is malicious and can cause potential harm to your website.

A great thing about Wordfence is that it does not break your codes and can be integrated with any other security plugin to fully protect your WordPress website.

Wordfence comes with its own advanced firewall, which is more powerful when premium is bought.

If you are worried that one of your plugins can be holding potential malicious codes, you just need to do a deep scan on Wordfence and you will receive the full information on what can be a potential malicious factor.

The plugin has never made a mistake on my websites and I had been using it for more than 2 years. While others may say it takes too much speed, I would say that you need to change your web host if you feel this way.

Akismet Spam Protection

Have you ever felt spammed with comments, but don’t want to remove the option for people to comment on your blog? I know how you feel.

That’s why Akismet exists. Basically this plugin is pre-installed in WordPress and does a really simple job on filtering out the spam comments, you may receive on your posts or products.

Imagine if someone had bombed your website with so many comments that it would literally take hours in deleting all of them and choosing only the ones that look relevant. I’ve been there, but changed my decision.

Akismet is a really good anti-spam and protection plugin, which you can set to protect your website from many spam comments and different types of spam that may occur on your website.

You don’t need to have advanced knowledge in the field. All you need to do is hit the install and activate buttons. After this you can leave it or go and configure everything the way you like.

I usually don’t let people with more than 1 link to comment on my website and even filter out adult content links that often come to me. You could do the same if you would like, as this can only hurt your website.

WP Content Copy Protection

WP Content Copy Protection is another great security plugin, which does not secure your WordPress website, but secures your content from being stolen.

Many of us are using custom designed scripts that protect our articles. They don’t really protect from copying and pasting our work, but actually add a little bit of information, as who wrote the article or any other kind of text, which may be irrelevant.

Well, if you are looking for more options and have no time to code your own custom script, which can protect your contents from being stolen, WP Content Copy Protection can always save the day for you.

Not only it has the option to add custom text, but it can also prevent from right clicking, copying, pasting, highlighting or trying to scan your contents.

If anybody tries to snatch content out of your website, this plugin will basically keep them away and protect your hard work.

Even if someone had copied your contents and tries to use them to outrank you, this would be impossible. Google is smarter than it used to be and can easily see the original poster, so you don’t need to worry too much.

If you are not into dealing with this kind of stuff and experience a hard time dealing with copycats, the WP Content plugin can always save your life without any problems and need of extra space.

WP Hide and Security Enhancer

WP Hide is a very different story and one of our favorite WordPress security plugins. While you may have heard of plugins that can change your default wp-admin and other files, they just rewrite it.

WP Hide is doing a much better job by blocking the default wp-admin and login pages and creating new ones for you, without messing up your website.

When installing this plugin, everything will happen on its own and does not need a single touch or any techie knowledge. It’s just like plug & play.

WP Hide can also change your other files and mask your website so it does not look like a default WordPress website, which could bring more eyeballs on your pages and more interest.

If you are using your own custom theme or plugin, you can always mask their paths and change them to others that would be harder to find and more protected, so you do not have any leaks and chances to get hacked by competitors or people who have no life.

When installing WordPress you also receive pingbacks, which just notify you in comments if somebody had used your contents or a link of your contents had been used somewhere. With WP Hide you can hide it along with your WordPress version and work on your website stress free.

WP Security Audit Log

WP Security Audit is one of the greatest WordPress security plugins as it lets you maintain a perfect workflow and stress free time, while managing your WordPress website.

WP Security Audit Log is giving you’re the opportunity to keep a log of everything that happens on your website.

If a permalink is changed, a post had been deleted or created you can easily check this and maintain a more secure WordPress website.

With WP Security Audit log you have to opportunity to watch over all of your WordPress links, plugins, themes, databases and users.

If you are an owner of an e-commerce website WP Security can help you watch over the changes on your products.

WP Security Audit Log also offers a premium version, which can help you keep an eye on your website without even sitting in front of the monitor and check anything.

The premium version lets you export CSV logs of all the changes made on your website and even receive SMS messages when a critical change had been done on your WordPress website.

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

UpdraftPlus lets you secure your website to the next level by creating a backup daily and keeping your website more secure with the best security plugin.

Imagine that you have a big website with content or hundreds of products that may be visited by many people to read or purchase.

If your website goes down or gets hacked and you lose contents, you may also lose the backups from your hosting providers. Not to mention that hosting providers are keeping maximum 2 backups per week, which is never enough.

UpdraftPlus can help you create easy downloadable backups on your Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, get them through your mail or even download them on your desktop.

With UpdraftPlus you can schedule your backups to happen at any time and any place without worrying of losing contents on your website and easily migrate them to your website once something bad happens.

If your love UpdraftPlus you will definitely love the premium version, which lets you backup non WordPress files, such as databases and lets you have multiple backup destinations.

The good thing about the premium version of UpdraftPlus is that you can do incremental backups and upload your files even faster than ever with their website migrator.

If you are using a multi-site WordPress instance you can download all of your websites with the UpdraftPlus premium version, which is a safer and better way to keep track of your files across all of your websites.

WP Encryption – One Click Free SSL Certificate & SSL / HTTPS Redirect to fix Insecure Content

WP Encryption is one of our top choices from the best WordPress security plugins as it simply lets WordPress owners to safely encrypt their SSL certificate and redirect visitors to safe content.

While you may know Really Simple SSL, you had probably seen how you have unsecure content, which Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other search engines don’t like.

Searching for the insecure content can be a really tough job, which would take hours and hours of searching replacing images, posts or products.

That’s why WP Encryption does the job for you and is known as one of the best WordPress security plugins.

It simply takes all those insecure links and redirects your visitors to the same contents, but made secure, without rewriting or modifying any of your contents.

A good thing about WP Encryption is that you can just set it up without having any knowledge and just go for the more important things on your website, such as doing your SEO work and writing your blog posts.


As you may have seen, the list does not contain security plugins, which do the same job and all of them cover a different part of your website’s security.

If you are asking me for an opinion on these plugins and “which one would I choose” it is a hard question.

These plugins are meant to help out the people with different needs and different taste in the WordPress business industry.

If you are not using comments Akismet would not be a good choice for you. On the other hand, if you are paying for advanced protection for your website going for Wordfence would not be a great choice also.

But having WP Encryption or Really Simple SSL really makes a difference. Keeping your website secure is good not only for you, but also for your visitors.

Seeing that your connection is not private is not a good idea for any of the visitors. Not all of them know that this is safe. And could it be safe since Google is marking it as “Not Secure”?

If your website is fully secured you will not only keep your visitors happy, but you will also receive a small SEO boost.

Google loves secured websites as they hold no opportunities to insert malware or harm your computer when browsing.

So keeping your website secure with any of the best WordPress security plugins mentioned above, may be a good thing for you, your visitors and your website.

That’s if you wish to have a secure and nice website which is making money.

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See you soon!

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