5 Best WordPress comment plugins in 2021

5 Best WordPress comment plugins in 2021
5 Best WordPress comment plugins in 2021

5 Best WordPress comment plugins in 2021

Are you tired of the default comment system in WordPress? Now you can make your website better with the best WordPress comment plugins.

WordPress comment plugins are becoming a trend nowadays. By removing the old WordPress commenting system with a comment plugin, you can turn the tables around and have full control over the comments and commenters.

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Comments were introduced in WordPress back in 2003. The whole idea of having comments, was to help users give their honest opinion in the form of text.

Since users started using comments, it became a trend to write how helpful or not a guide or a product is.

As you can see, people would always say if there is something missing, something they actually like or just ask a question, even though they can do it from a contact form.

Getting blog post comments is an easy way to earn people’s trust and dominate the search engines.

It’s not a big SEO metric, neither Google looks at the number of comments.

To be honest, your comments can lead to backlinks, because if your article is helpful and people have good response over it, someone may actually put a link pointing at your website.


By default the WordPress comment system is not something fancy, but may save up a lot of speed for your website.

You don’t have much settings for it, but if you are a techie in the field, you can always edit the loops and calls, so the default comment system works the way you want.

For the non techie people, it is not advisable to go and try editing, because the WordPress comment system was not made with HTML and CSS only.

It includes mainly PHP and some Java Script. WordPress is built with PHP, so you will need to have good knowledge on how PHP works and how you can use it, otherwise you might end up breaking your WordPress website.

As a non techie, it is most advisable if you actually don’t think about how WordPress functions work, but just go all in and download some WordPress plugins, which can fulfill your needs.

The only thing you will need to know is that you don’t have to download a bunch of plugins. If you are just starting, perhaps you should read how many plugins should you have on my website.


The default WordPress commenting system is fine, but not too fine. In terms of functionality and speed, we don’t need more.

As you can see, there are just basic fields, which you have to fill out and add your name.

Once a comment is posted, you can always reply back to this comment by giving a helpful resource, opinion or just share the happiness together of the great page you found while surfing the internet.

But what if we dig deeper and go in searching for each good and bad thing about the default comment system in WordPress?

Pros in the default WordPress commenting system

What can you expect from the default comment system in WordPress?

It’s fast and reliable. The database is directly connected with your WordPress website and does not make any unnecessary calls or requests, which could lead to potential loss of speed.

The forms are simple and can be edited if you know a bit HTML and CSS, which requires no more than 10 minutes of YouTube videos, or you could just go and take some code from Colorlib.

Cons in the default WordPress commenting system

Nothing comes without cons in this world and the biggest cons in the default WordPress commenting system are the lack of options to filter out spammers.

Every single day my website is being attacked by websites, who are being shark attacked by my blog posts.

Most of the established websites had their time to be on the top, but since many websites are coming out, they all want to climb the top.

Once a website wants to climb rankings fast, they always search for WordPress website maintenance services, so the dirty work can be done by people like me.

Once you start getting high rankings in the SERPs, don’t think things will go clean. Many people will spam you for links, ask you for help on ranking their articles back to the top.

Give them a negative answer and you will be overwhelmed with commenting backlinks, which you will need to manually remove.

The worst parts of the default WordPress commenting system is that you cannot filter spammers and ban them from writing comments.

You can’t ban their IP Address from commenting or directly flag them, so their comments just go to the spam field and save your time.



If you need a good WordPress commenting plugin wpDiscuz if by far the greatest plugin for serving WordPress comments and keeping your website clean from spam and unneeded bots.

The plugin comes with 3 different layout forms, which are fully customizable and can be easily edited through HTML and CSS.

With wpDiscuz you can make commenting a lot easier with their multiple ways of placing your comment on a single product, post etc.

From social media login to post comments, you can also give users to place anonymous comments, but by including their email address.

For a commenting plugin to be good, you also need a good spam protection and option to filter users, so they can never place a bad comment on your website.

Luckily for you wpDiscuz is a professional developed WordPress comment plugin, which filters out spammers, keeps flagged visitors away from posting comments and uses captchas for sending the comment out for a review.


Social Share is an all in one solution for custom social sharing icons, users register or login forms and mainly serves as a WordPress comment plugin.

Some of the people are searching for 3 different plugins, which can add many calls and increase the requests. Also not to talk about the tracking even if prevented.

Social Share can work as 3 different plugins, coded lightweight and no pesky ads, which will be gone if you buy their premium version.

With Social share your users can enjoy so many commenting layouts, login with their social accounts and maintain a peaceful commenting time.

Social Share is by far the best commenting plugin for WordPress with whole 5 stars and more than 100,000 installs.

You can setup everything and rearrange the social sharing icons, pick a place for them and mainly keep everything under control with protections by captchas.


Disable comments is a default, but very effective WordPress comment plugin, which can help you out in maintaining peaceful times in your blog.

The default options with Disable Comments are very common and perfect for non techie people, who do not want to get spammed with unneeded comments or pingbacks.

With Disable Comments, you can disable your entire website commenting option and remove pingbacks from your website in just one click.

If you just want to filter out spam or remove pingbacks, there are certain options that can help you out in achieving this.

The main idea of Disable comments as a comment plugin in WordPress is to protect or entirely erase the option of having comments on your website, you need to be careful and sure in what you want.

By far Disable comments has over a 1,000,000 active downloads and is known as the most famous WordPress commenting plugin, which protects websites and does not affect your speed in a negative way.


CleanTalk’s WordPress commenting plugin is one of a kind quick solution for websites, which are under attack by spammers or kept busy filtering out bad comments.

With CleanTalk you can prevent the spam on your website and keep your surveys, polls and comments clean without the need of an extra helping hand.

By just setting up the plugin, you will save yourself work for years ahead and prevent thousands of spam attacks once your website starts gaining better results and climbs the SERPs.

If your website is having issues with certain users by IP addresses or users from a certain country, which you think it will never bring traffic, you can always block the country or users by IP address and prevent spam attacks from happening.

Protecting your website with this unique commenting WordPress plugin can boost your SEO and increase the probability of users coming in your website, due to the clean space you are offering for them.


With more than 5,000,000 active installs and the people’s trust, Akismet is the perfect antispam WordPress comment plugin, which is even installed by default on your website.

Akismet is really simple and goes straightforward in what they do.

Once you download Akismet on your website, you just need to follow their setup steps and you have your advanced spam protection.

In order for Akismet to work on your website you have to release yourself from display advertisements, as the free version does not work in this case.

If you are not the type of person who relies on advertisements, but wish to monetize your website, you can always check these 24 ideas on how to make money on WordPress.


WordPress comment plugins can always be a good thing to have, so you can change the layout and design of your website, while blocking spammers.

The whole idea is to make your website stunning and safe.

In fact, by just preventing people from destroying your precious website and keep you from losing time, you can concentrate on more important things like writing blog posts faster and monetizing your website for more income.

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