5 Best Ways to Convert Video to GIF

Best Ways to Convert Video to GIF
5 Best Ways to Convert Video to GIF

5 Best Ways to Convert Video to GIF

Rather than reusing the same GIF, you can create your own GIFs from videos. Here are the best ways to convert video to GIF.

GIFs have flooded social networks and instant messaging apps alike. Most of us, however, share GIFs from built-in search engines and invariably end up using the same ones repeatedly.
However, if you want, you can easily create a GIF from a video. Here are the best ways to convert video to GIF on any platform.
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1. Giphy’s GIF Maker (Web)

Giphy GIF Maker upload options

Giphy, a service that’s home to nearly all of the internet’s GIFs, offers a comprehensive web app. Called GIF Maker, it lets you create a GIF out of videos or images. As well as your own, the app has an URL option from which it can fetch clips from a bunch of online sources.

Once you’ve uploaded the video, you can crop it and edit the length of the GIF. From there, the tool takes you to the Decorate page where you can add goofy stickers, captions, or simply doodle over it.

In addition, apart from the regular filters like monochrome and sepia, a handful of odd ones are available if you’d like to make your GIF look more dramatic. When you’re done, Giphy processes the GIF and lets you save or share it.

Giphy’s GIF Maker is free and doesn’t have any add-on charges. But before you can download it, it does upload your new GIF on its own servers. If you’d like to avoid that, keep reading on for alternatives.

2. GIF Brewery 3 (Mac)

Convert videos into GIF with GIF Brewery on Mac

Developed by another GIF hosting service, this Mac app comes with all the features you would need to convert video to GIF. You can cut, crop, and edit the video exactly how you want.

Plus, GIF Brewery has an exhaustive set of options for customizing each frame individually. This enables you to precisely adjust a GIF’s properties like the tempo and resolution. Additional canvases can be appended if you want to develop layouts such as split-screen for comparison.

There are also effects like fade in and out available. Similar to Giphy’s GIF Maker, the app allows you to insert annotations and stickers from Gfycat’s library. What’s more, you can overlay your new GIF with another GIF or image.

GIF Brewery also enables you to adjust frame rates and color correct the results. Apart from your own videos, the app lets you import a clip from a video URL, or utilize screen and video recording. GIF Brewery 3 is free without any hidden costs. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, it’s exclusive to macOS.

Download: GIF Brewery 3 (Free)

3. GifTuna (Mac, Windows, Linux)

Convert videos into GIF with Giftuna on desktop

GifTuna is a cross-platform desktop utility which has the ability to convert any video into a GIF. The app has a minimalistic design that can quickly generate the GIF you’re looking for. GifTuna maintains the original resolution but you can alter that along with the frame rate and aspect ratio. On top of that, you can tweak a few color palette attributes.

Unfortunately, GifTuna doesn’t have any of the advanced editing options you will find on apps like Giphy’s GIF Maker. Therefore, this is strictly for people who want to transform their videos into GIFs. It is free though and available on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Download: GifTuna (Free)

4. Easy GIF Animator (Windows)

Easy GIF Animator Windows app

If you’d like to have more controls than GifTuna on Windows, try Easy GIF Animator.

Easy GIF Animator is a full-fledged platform for converting videos into GIFs. You have access to a whole bunch of features such as transition effects, frame management, and cropping tools.

Easy GIF Animator can also help you stitch together several stills and form an animation out of them. The app shows you a timeline too through which you can combine multiple pictures and videos.

With Easy GIF Animator, you can even create a GIF from scratch thanks to the sophisticated in-built editors. In addition, the app lets you check how your new GIF performs in a web browser so that you can optimize or resize it. Thankfully, these advanced tools won’t bother you if you’re only looking to convert your video into a GIF with some effects and stickers.

Unlike the rest of the options on this list, Easy GIF Animator is a paid app and costs a one-time fee of $30. There is, however, a trial version which limits you to a handful of features and expires after a few days.

Download: Easy GIF Animator ($30, free trial available)

5. Giphy (iOS, Android)

Image Gallery (2 Images)

Giphy’s mobile apps for Android and iOS are loaded to the brim for people who can’t get enough of GIFs. And yes, that includes a GIF editor to convert video to GIF.

When you launch the app, tap the middle Plus tab to create a GIF. You can either take a new picture/video or import one from your existing media. On the next step, Giphy presents you with a wide range of options to make your outcome more fun.

For instance, you can apply psychedelic filters which themselves are entirely customizable. You can change the pace, colors, and their intensity. You can, of course, add elements like animated stickers and text. The fourth tab allows you to trim the GIF and move around the frames if there are multiple images and videos.

On the next page, you can either upload the GIF to Giphy to instantly share it anywhere, or save it on your phone’s local storage. If you prefer, you can export it as a video too.

Download: Giphy for Android | iOS (Free)

How Well Do You Know GIFs?

With these apps, you will no longer have to rely on search engines to find the perfect GIF. Whether it’s your friend goofing around or an excited pet, you can turn anyone or anything into a GIF.

GIFs have taken over internet platforms like wildfire. But their origin is still a mystery to most people.

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