10 Top Best Places to Buy & Sell Gift Cards

Best Places to Buy & Sell Gift Cards
10 Top Best Places to Buy & Sell Gift Cards

Are you Looking for the Best Places to Buy & Sell Gift Cards? Then this article has great answers to your questions because Making money with gift cards is quite simple.

Selling your gift card to people or agencies who are willing to pay for it, is one of the simplest methods to generate or make money with it.

Many people are willing to buy those cards from you for a decent fee.

If you don’t want to sell your gift cards, you can switch them for alternative digital currencies like Bitcoin, PayPal, or Skrill cash instead of waiting for them to expire or lose value.

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You can sell your gift card on gift card exchanges and get paid instantly, in addition to selling it to friends and relatives.

If you have a gift card to sell, these are some of the best sites to do so. You’ll be paid faster than you can say “money.”

Before we proceed further, what are these gift cards for, and their types, then where exactly can we sell our gift card?

A gift card, also known as a gift certificate in the United States or a gift voucher or gift token in the United Kingdom, is a prepaid stored-value money card provided by a merchant or bank to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases within a certain store or connected businesses. Employers and groups may also distribute gift cards as incentives or presents. Because they are issued by merchants and marketers as part of a marketing campaign to entice the receiver to come in, they are frequently referred to as cash cards.

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Gift cards are normally only redeemable for purchases at the appropriate retail location, cannot be cashed out, and may be subject to an expiration date or fees in some cases. Generic gift cards, such as those offered by American Express, MasterCard, and Visa, are extensively utilized for cashback marketing methods because they do not have to be redeemed at specific locations. These cards are normally anonymous, and they are discarded once the stored value on the card has been depleted.

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Types of Gift Cards

Gift cards are divided into two categories: cash cards and retail cards.

1. Cash Cards

Cash cards are issued by corporations such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express and can be used everywhere cash is accepted. These cards provide the most flexibility and can be used in place of cash.

2. Store Cards

Store cards are unique to one retailer, such as iTunes, Amazon, or Victoria’s Secret. With the card, you get a more customized gift. Some cards or certificates have a 30-day or 90-day expiration date. Before the gift card expires, you should convert it to PayPal cash.

Best Places to Buy & Sell Gift Cards

You could want to sell your gift card at a physical place if you’re leery of online scams, don’t consider yourself a technical whiz, or simply want to feel those dollar notes in your hand as soon as possible.

Gift card exchange kiosks (formerly known as Coinstar) are bright yellow machines that make you a cash offer for your gift card quickly. You’ve most likely seen these in your neighborhood store.

This is where you’ll find them.

1. Gift Card Bin Store Locator

Gift Card Bin has over 600 partner sites throughout the United States where you may exchange your gift card for cash. The organization buys cards from over 700 different stores, so you can be sure it’ll take whatever you get.

After using its shop locator to locate the nearest kiosk, simply show up with your gift card and photo ID to complete the transaction.

2. Google Maps

Although it may seem self-evident, many individuals are unaware that they can quickly locate their nearest gift card exchange shop using Google Maps.

Simply Google “sell gift cards” or a similar query to see what possibilities are available in your area. Great for when you’re on the go and realize you have a gift card in your purse that you don’t need.

3. Target

People can trade in their gift cards at their local Target store through the Target Trade-In program. This deal makes sense because Target is a large gift card retailer.

Simply go to the electronics section and determine whether or not you want to take the deal. To find your nearest participating Target, use this store locator.

While trading in your gift card at a real place allows you to obtain your money faster, it’s also a lot more cumbersome than doing it all from the comfort of your own home.

Fortunately, there are numerous online outlets to choose from.

4. Gift Card Granny

There are a lot of locations online where you may sell your gift card (see below! ), but Gift Card Granny is the most popular. It’s been around since 2009 and receives 13.9 million visitors each year, so it must be doing something well!

Simply enter the gift card’s brand and balance on the site to receive an instant offer. Payment will be made as soon as your card arrives at Granny HQ.

5. Cardpool

Cardpool, like Gift Card Granny, is a well-known online gift card exchange. You’ll receive an offer from the site as soon as you submit the details connected with your gift card.

Following that, your payment will arrive within four days of accepting the offer and providing your card.

6. Raise

Raise, which was founded in 2013, is a more modern alternative to the platforms mentioned above.

It’s simple to use, intuitive, and you can do everything with your phone thanks to the app. It’s never been easier to sell a gift card.

7. CardCash.

CardCash purchases gift cards from a variety of stores and pays you up to 92 percent of the card’s value in cash. That’s more than most of the other options on this list, but the amount you’ll get back will vary depending on the card’s brand.

You can also trade in your gift card for a different gift card (for example, Amazon for Walmart), which allows you to keep more of the gift card’s value.

8. GameFlip.

GameFlip touts itself as “the safest way to sell gift cards for cash” – a bold promise that just about holds water. GameFlip secures buyer payments and takes extra precautions to ensure there is no funny business to protect you from fraud and kickbacks.

You’ll get your money fast as well (usually within a few days).

GameFlip, like Raise, features a mobile app where you can list your gift card and make the exchange process as simple as possible.

9. Reddit

Reddit is recognized for being a peaceful haven in the midst of social media maelstrom. Why wouldn’t you sell your unwanted gift cards to Redditors?

Naturally, you may be hesitant of entrusting your payment to an anonymous user without the presence of a third party to monitor the transaction. Although there are some scammers on the Gift Card Exchange subreddit, there is also a reputation system and explicit instructions, so being cautious can help you considerably lower your risk.

10. eBay

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of eBay, and you’ve probably used it to buy and sell stuff. However, most individuals are unaware that the eCommerce platform may also be used to buy and sell gift cards.

What’s the best part? You are free to pick your own price (but beware of the eBay transaction fees).

11. LegitCards

Another fantastic website that allows you to effortlessly sell gift cards, Bitcoin, and Greendot currencies is LegitCards. It is, without a doubt, one of Nigeria’s greatest gift card trading websites.

The company’s best feature is that it is entirely transparent. When you start trading a gift card, the full value of your gift card is deposited into your bank account in Naira – there are no hidden fees.

sell gift cards

Legitcards, according to several merchants, offer the best market rates. Legitcards is a great place to go if you want to get the finest rates and trading experience.

Another advantage of Legitcards is that you don’t have to register in order to cash in your gift cards. They’ve taken care of all the formalities and red tape involved in gift card exchange. They’re eager to buy if you have a card to exchange. Anywhere, at any time.

Because Legitcards is based in Nigeria and is registered with the CAC, trading with them is quite safe. You will receive your money within 5 minutes of beginning a deal with them.

If you live outside of Nigeria, don’t worry; they provide a variety of payment options for you. Legitcards is one of the top sites in Nigeria for selling and redeeming gift cards online.

12. Prestmit

Prestmit is one of the easiest sites in Nigeria to sell gift cards for cash online. The user-friendly design and attractive gift card rates are what we enjoy best about this gift card.

Prestmit’s best feature is that it was created by Nigerians for Nigerians. It offers a simple interface that makes it simple to buy and sell gift cards whether you’re on a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Then there are the tantalizingly low gift card rates. This fantastic portal allows you to buy and sell over 20 different types of gift cards at the best rates in Nigeria.

Prestmit also has a customer support team on standby to assist you anytime you have a problem with the system.

Isn’t it incredible? That isn’t even the most interesting aspect of this platform.

You can sell any legitimate gift cards on Prestmit and get paid in under 5 minutes.

You can withdraw the money from your Prestmit dashboard to your bank account and get your credit alert in five freaking minutes after your gift card is received and authenticated by the system.

What Is The Best Way To Activate A Gift Card?

Before many gift cards may be used, they must first be activated. You can start using them once they’ve been activated. You can use the following methods to activate your gift card:

  • The gift card can be ordered/purchased online or through a reseller.
  • To activate the gift card, remove the sticker covering the activation number and go to the URL or contact the phone number.
  • Enter the gift card number as well as the activation code.

This approach can be used to activate any gift card. What is the procedure for activating gift cards? When the code is sent, the system processes it, crediting your account and activating your gift card.

How to Use a Point of sale System to Redeem Gift Cards

The majority of gift cards will be sold within 24 hours. You may sell Amazon gift cards as well as practically any other retailer or restaurant’s digital gift cards. All you have to do is enter the gift card serial number into the POS, which then scans the gift card’s barcode.

The transaction information is sent from the POS machine to the gift card company, which activates the card. This barcode is one-of-a-kind, and it allows the card to be identified without the use of the card number or pin.

The transaction is accepted by the retailer, and the transaction is subsequently recorded on the store’s ledger by the POS. It’s that simple. If you have an Amazon gift card, you may use it here to redeem it.

The Advantages of Gift Cards

There are numerous reasons why you should purchase gift cards rather than paying with your credit card online. Here are a few reasons why I believe gift cards are one of the finest methods to pay for things online.

  • The store generates immediate revenue by selling gift cards
  • Gift cards that have been redeemed have a higher beginning value.
  • Gift card holders get the greatest deal.
  • When customers redeem their cards, credit card companies and banks earn from merchant fees.

How Do Scams With Gift Cards Work?

If you’re going to sell gift cards, you should be wary of gift card frauds.

A gift card scam is a type of advance-fee fraud in which you pay money or a gift card to a business and receive nothing in return.

In the majority of cases, a con artist acts as a gift card reseller. After you’ve completed the money, the scammer will ignore your message and may even block you if you’ve paid an advance payment.

As a result, it’s best to swap gift cards via a reputable exchange or utilize Escrow to protect your transaction.


One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure, and in this situation, that is absolutely true. Someone else’s life hack to acquire a reduced game is your undesired Steam gift card.

However, if the market price of your gift card is disappointing (a $50 card is unlikely to bring $50), there are other options for raising the funds you require for financial emergencies.

You may easily navigate through the list of the best gift card exchanges above and find the one that is nearest to you. Keep in mind that each of the gift card exchange services above has a different rate; choose the one that best meets your needs.

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