8 Best Long Tail Keyword Generator Tools

8 Best Long Tail Keyword Generator Tools
8 Best Long Tail Keyword Generator Tools
8 Best Long Tail Keyword Generator Tools

Long tail keyword helps you rank on google first page and also give you more search traffics. See the 8 best long tail keyword generator tools below.

Newbie bloggers make blunders by focusing on direct keywords rather than long tail keywords, resulting in a lack of traffic and a loss of hope for ranking keywords in Google search engines.

Today, I’ve compiled a list of the greatest long tail keyword generator tools.

Anyone can identify easy-to-rank and low-competition keywords with these fantastic keyword research tools.

Did you know what long tail keywords were before you started? Let me explain: “A long tail keyword is a keyword or term that is longer than three words.”

Rank website in Google,” for example. This keyword is made up of four words. As a result, it’s a long tail keyword.

Another concern that arises is why do we choose long tail keywords or terms.

This is because it ranks higher in Google search engines and has little competition.

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Long tail keywords have low search volume, low competition, and can often be ranked solely through on-page optimization.

8 Top List of Long Tail Keyword Generator Tools

Here are the list of the top best long tail keyword generator tools for your blog Niche:

  1. This is one of my favorite methods for locating long tail keywords with low search volume and competition for my articles.

    Did you notice that if you type a term or keywords into Google and then scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see terms connected to your search in Google that are long tail keywords? See the image below for an example.

    Google search related terms

  2. Google Auto suggest Tool

    When you type a query into the Google search field, the most popular keywords are displayed. To see how it works, look at the following graphic.

    You can simply find popular or most searched keywords in any field using this strategy.

    This is the second free method for locating long tail keywords. You’ll need another tool, Google Keyword Planner, to obtain CPC and Searches for the terms you’ve discovered.

    google auto suggest tool

  3. Forums Questions

    Forums are the third free way to find the best keywords.

    Look for forums that are relevant to your industry and join them. Create an account and then log in to see what questions users are asking about your niche or what problems they are having.

    That topic or problem will be your long tail keywords, so examine their searches and CPCs before writing a great and long piece of content to rank them.

  4. UbberSuggest:

    This is also a free and effective tool for locating low-competition keywords.

    This tool will pull data from Google, however it will offer you with a large number of terms.

    If you write a keyword and hit enter, it will generate a list of long tail keywords with an alphabet after each one, yielding hundreds of results.

  5. Google Webmaster Tool

    We may use this tool to uncover long tail keywords that we already rank for on our websites. Allow me to clear things up for you.

    a) Select your websites in your Google search dashboard or Webmaster tool, then click on “Search Traffic.”

    Google search consoleb) A dropdown option will appear; select “Search Analytics” from the list.

    c) Make sure that the checkboxes for Click, Impressions, and Positions are all checked.

    keywords tools
    Keywords with associated information such as impression, click, and average position will surface.

    Now, identify the keywords with an Avg Position of fewer than 25 and paste them into Google Keyword Planner or another tool to determine the monthly volume of keywords.

    Now you can write about these long tail keywords that get a lot of monthly searches.

    google search

  6. KeywordTool.io

    This tool is quite useful and ideal for locating great keywords that are simple to rank. This tool is available in both free and paid editions.

    This tool can also be used to find YouTube and Amazon keywords.

    The free version is sufficient for locating large amounts of keywords. It, like ubbersuggest, uses data from Google suggest.

    This tool is also useful for locating YouTube keywords.

    keywords tool long tails

  7. Question Answers Websites

    These question-and-answer websites can also be utilized to uncover long-tail keywords in any industry.

    Create a profile on Quora, Yahoo Answers, or Stack Overflow and choose a category that is relevant to your niche.

    These websites display the top and most popular questions first, with some of them having high volume keywords.

    You can also obtain ideas for writing posts on various topics and problems connected to your area.


  8. Long tail Pro  (Paid Tools)

    Long tail keywords can be found with this tool, which also includes domain authority, page authority, Moz Rank, site age, and a rank checker.

    This is a paid tool that most bloggers use to locate successful keywords in any field.

    Long tail keywords gernerator tools



The following is a list of the top long tail keyword generating tools available. These free tools will assist you in dominating search engines if you are a beginner or newbie blogger.

I believe this tutorial has gone a long way in helping you know about the 8 top best long keyword tail generation tool for your blog niche.

Thanks for reading this article, please don’t forget to share it on all your social media handles for other to learn.

See you soon!

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