5 Best Contact Form Plugins in WordPress 2021

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5 Best Contact Form Plugins in WordPress 2021

Best Contact Form Plugins in WordPress: Do you want to know how to increase the engagement rate in your website? Contact form plugins are the best way to your visitors more engaged and stay longer.

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Nowadays newbies are struggling with keeping their visitors engaged and see higher bounce rates. It’s not anything new to me.

Keeping visitors attracted with content is a good way to earn a few page views, but once your visitors finish reading, they always have questions.

If you are missing a single contact form on your WordPress website, you can lose this visitor and see him bouncing away.

Visitors are always having the intention of clicking somewhere, so you need to prepare the best for them.

What can be better than putting a single contact form? If anybody has general questions or article related they can always get in touch with you.

As you can see a single research from UX Collective shows that 15,4% of the people are feeling more comfortable, contacting you through contact forms.

Losing these 15,4% of the traffic may result in big losses for your website. Drop in ad revenue, losing on sales or any feature conversions from these potential visitors.


A WordPress contact form plugin serves the purpose of helping people contact with the owner of a website, through a page with special fields for inputting:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Question
  • Free Text

Contact forms are a helpful way for business owners, promoters or interested in your website visitors, to contact you.

Once a visitor fills all the blank fields on the contact form and clicks submit, you will be receiving his filled information in the form of an email in your inbox.

Replying back to the email can happen both from your business or personal email address, which lets conversation holding to happen easier.

Contact forms are also a great way for visitors to be asking their questions, give content ideas or even help you to improve your already established website.

Receiving their helpful information can actually improve the statistics of your website. The visitors are getting engaged directly with you and wish to contribute, without asking for a price to tell the secret, that will make them stay more on your website.


While browsing for a WordPress contact form plugin, you will see all kinds of plugin variations. Not all of these contact form plugins are worth the activation.

You will always find something better and easier to setup, rather than a super hard to customize contact form plugin.

It can be a big pain once you start searching for the perfect contact form plugins and go into reading reviews about them, check the pricing or search for something that is totally free and has good features that do not require too much effort or money.



If you are looking for a beginner Contact Form plugins, then WPForms is your best friend. Unlike some other plugins, WPForms is not completely free and offers a premium version, which enhances the usability.

Starting off with WPForms Lite can help you out understanding how the plugin works.

WPForms lets its users create custom contact forms, through their easy to use drag & drop editor. The editor is fully compatible with ElementorDivi and other WordPress page builder plugins.

If you are not into creating your own Contact Form, you can always use the premade templates, which WPForms offer for their users.

These premade templates are completely free and you can use them at any time.

The forms offered by WPForms also have the option to create polls and surveys, which can be answered by your visitors and the results are directly sent over to your email.

The premade and custom forms offered by WPForms are always mobile responsive and perfectly SEO optimized, so there is no risk of losing traffic or speed of your website.

If the free version of WPForms is not enough, you can always go for their premium version.

The WPForms premium version includes:

  • Full integration with payment gateways, such as PayPal, Skrill and other payment gateways.
  • More featured forms, which include smart surveys and captcha solving.
  • Use registration forms.
  • Post registration forms.
  • Campaign monitoring your forms and visitor interaction with in depth statistics.


Forminator is one of the greatest WordPress contact form plugins, which lets newbies create stunning and interactive contact forms without much knowledge.

The features that this plugin offers are so useful for starting and established businesses, as they offer a completely free PayPal and Stripe integration, which can let your visitors subscribe for newsletters by paying.

Forminator is a Stripe verified partner, which does not collect user information and is fully GPDR compatible.

With Forminator you can easily create custom register and login contact forms, which can ease up your visitors and help them interact with your website in just a few clicks, without leaving any page.

The plugin has an easy drag & drop editor, which is Gutenberg and page builder compatible. The control over the contact forms is easy and does not require expert knowledge in the field.

Forminator also lets its visitors include Google captcha and re-captcha, which visitors have to solve and prove they are not bots, so you do not receive spammy emails and prevent your web hosting resources overload.

If you had been using Contact Form 7, you can always export and import your information into Forminator without losing any kind of data for free.


Ninja Forms is one of the greatest and most developed plugins, which has been in the field for long enough.

Their support is so outstanding and helpful, that if you don’t even have their premium version, they will be happy to help out and maintain a good user flow.

Ninja Forms is not a hard to configure plugin and does not require professional knowledge, in order to add your first form.

In fact, if you want to use their advanced settings and go to the next level with your forms, you don’t need any kind of knowledge.

Ninja Forms is the one and only contact form plugin, which has an easy editor, pre-built with 27+ field and freemium customizations, which happen with a simple drag & drop action.

Their forms are so well split, that you can always find what you need.

Ninja Forms offer full integration with payment gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe and many more.

You can always integrate your forms with different CRM’s, such as MailChimp, Salesforce CRM, Zoho CRM, HubSpot and many others.

You can create unlimited forms, submit surveys, create polls and interact with your users in any kind of way, without paying a dime for it.


Formidable forms is a one of a kind built for speed WordPress contact form plugins, which enhances the basic user experience and turns it into leads.

With this contact form plugin, you can create beautiful contact forms, through their drag & drop builder, which also has many styling options. These styling options let you to fully customize the look of your form, use images and even change text font or size.

Using Formidable forms doesn’t require any expertise in the field and can be used by any beginner, or if you have no intention in creating a form, you can always use their premade contact forms and start generating leads.

With Formidable forms you can create surveys and polls, which clients can answer and directly export this information into a CSV format file to keep track of the engagement rates.

You can also generate CSV format files for any kind of lead information, without paying.

Formidable forms let you integrate credit and debit cards for any kind of subscription or donating form. You can also use the best payment gateways, so your users can have various payment ways.

The plugin is fully compatible with e-commerce plugins and can always be integrated with Woocommerce if you wish to enhance your users shopping experience.


Happy forms is a basic contact form, which doesn’t have that many features and works mostly to save the speed of your WordPress website.

With Happy Forms you can expect easy integrations with all of your favorite plugins, page builders and themes.

The good thing about this plugin is that you not only have to do basic drag & drop, but you also receive really simple Gutenberg like editor.

The features that you can add to your forms are much like widgets and you can use as much widgets as you like.

Happy Forms includes all of the features, such as payment gateways, register and login forms and most important – they use their own captcha, which is hard to be bypassed by bots and result in spam emails.

Happy forms lets you create appointment forms, travel booking forms and everything that you could wish for.

The simplicity of this contact form plugin, results in greater WordPress speed and has no down sides, such as user information collection or a way to break through and hack your website.

If you are not the type of person who likes to create custom forms, you can easily use any of the hundreds pre-built templates by the developers and start capturing your visitors’ eyes.

The Happy Forms premium version is a bit more advanced and can give you much better features like 20+ more form fields, better captcha with google re-captcha, lets users upload files and images, collect abandoned responses and much more for a small price, starting at $49 per year.


Contact form plugins can always be a good thing to have on your website, but some of them can actually be critical and cause many issues with your website.

For example, using Contact Form 7 is a bad a thing, because they collect your users information, without your knowledge or their own approval.

Not only they collect user information, but also setup many cookies, which can slow your website or destroy your optimizations, done by your caching plugin.

Using any of the above mentioned WordPress contact form plugins will not let you down or destroy your users experience.

It is totally up to you how you want your visitors to engage with your website and forms, but spamming them pop ups and similar forms while reading is always a bad decision.

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