Top Best and Cheap Domain Name Registrars in 2021

Best and Cheap Domain Name Registrars
Cheap Domin Name Registrars

Top Best and Cheap Domain Name Registrars in 2021

Are you looking for the best and cheap domain name registrars? It can be a tough job signing in for the best one, but we’ve got you covered!

Domain name registrars can be picky and tricky, so you always need to watch out, because you can find yourself trapped with a bad contract and no way out of it.

When choosing a domain name registrar, you should always be cautious and be prepared to sign the best deal, as this domain name registrar will serve as the keeper for your domain for long time.

Choosing what’s best for you is the first step to success. Sometimes you may have to overpay, but you don’t pay for nothing. Quality costs more than you had ever thought.

It’s not in all cases, so this time we will be reviewing the best and cheap domain name registrar, which can benefit you.


Domain name registrars serve are companies who let you register the name that your website will hold. No matter from which domain registrar you register your domain name, it always gets accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

If you are wondering what do domain registrars do, it is very simple.

Domain name registrars are storing the address of your name and provide you with name servers. The idea of using the name servers is to connect your domain to your website’s host and create a connection, which will display your contents, through accessing the domain name.

A domain name registrar is given the permission by ICANN to make changes on your domain name and stop your domain name at any time, if you do not follow their Terms of Service and guidelines.


A domain name registrar can help you with hosting your domain and leave you to concentrate on migrating your website to the host and connecting it to the domain.

Domain name registrars are not only hosting, but also guarding your domain name for you.

When you are buying a domain name through a website, you should be aware of the choices, price and contract details.

Variety of Domain Names

Some domain registrars are not offering a wide variety of domain names, but only the casual ones, such as: .com, .org, .net, .xyz, .eu, etc.

When buying the domain name you want, you need to know that your registrar offers a wide variety of domains. If you ever want a second domain name and your domain name registrar does not have it, you will need to search for another one and manage your domains through 2 different accounts.

There are some people who buy a second domain name, so they can point it to their main site.

This happens through a 301 redirection. Sometimes visitors who are searching the internet get these types of domains that redirect you to the main site, but has a different domain.

It can be confusing for your visitors, but they get used to it and understand how things work actually.

Not to mention, that when you are using domain redirects, you have more chances of getting traffic to your website, but only when the domain is meaningful.

If we take a look at the domain name, it simply looks ridiculous and no one would ever click it.

Sometimes people may think that this domain will lead to phishing websites, which are tending to take information, spam them with ads or even sell inappropriate products.

On the other hand, you may find websites like on the above shown picture, for which you should know not to click on. Even I did click and got spammed with ads.

Every time I move my cursor to the back button and tried to click, I was receiving 2 ads, which was hell.

The only way to bypass this, was to close the window and lose my potential search query on Google. That’s why I trust only TLD domain names and not fall for numeric and ww2 or ww3 domain names when I do my search for something.

Be aware of your domain registrar choices

If you are not aware of all the offers, that you could possibly get, when registering your domain name, then you might be on a loss.

There is always a difference between one domain registrar and another. Simply all of them offer you the same thing – a domain name.

But at the same time, they all offer you different things with your domain name, which are called addons. Some websites may also offer you a free WhoIs privacy protection.

This type of protection hides your personal information, which keeps your information of the purchase and names private.


When searching for the best and cheapest domain name registrar, you always need to be aware of the offers that may be given by the companies.

Sometimes you may be contracted to pay yearly, but you can always find better offers that ask you to pay every 2 or more years with a discounted price.

If you are currently happy with your current web host, you can always get a domain name from them, but today I will be showing you a better and cheaper solution for domain name registrars, which will blow your minds and help your pockets stay filled up with money.


As the cheapest domain name registrar, we will be reviewing

Since years, the majority of website owners are registering their domain names over and not only, because of the small prices they are taking, but also because of the premium features they have for each domain.

A single domain name can cost you anywhere from $0,99 up to $9,95 without additional renewal fees or hidden taxes.

If you had ever thought of migrating your domain name to, you won’t miss out. In fact, if you transfer their domain, they will charge only $9,95 and give you 1 year for free domain hosting.

If you currently want to purchase a domain extension, such as .io or anything similar, which your domain name registrar doesn’t offer, you better ditch them and check out the premium offers that offers.

The only con of is that they do not offer any types of discounts if you are willing to prepay your domain for 2 years ahead or even more.

2. BuyDomains

If you are looking for premium domain names, that can look good on your website BuyDomains is your number choice.

Powered by, BuyDomains is a premium marketplace, offering expensive premium domains, which when bought are directly transferred to

While many people are searching for domain names that they can register and have a hard time finding something good, you can always spend a bit more and get yourself a premium, aged and boosted domain name.

BuyDomains is purely safe and protected both for your buyer and seller. Your options to pay for the domain are unlimited.

If you show any interest in a domain name and wish to ask for a smaller price, you can always contact the seller and provide them with an offer for their domain name.

Once a domain name is bought it will automatically be sitting in as a domain name registrar, so if you wish to transfer it, you will have to pay additional fees.

The domains that are sitting on have expiry dates set, which you can check with the seller or directly on

Most of the domains listed on BuyDomains are prepaid for years ahead and part of the price you are paying will be for the hosting of the domain.

3. DreamHost

A special place in this list takes my favorite web host – DreamHost. Many people may disagree with me about this, but my first 7 websites were all hosted with them.

DreamHost may be taking a lot of money for migrations or their special plans may be costing you a bit more, but they are a premium web host and a premium domain name registrar.

You can find domain names from the price of $0,89 with low renewal fees and go up to $29,99 for a domain name, with the extension of .io, which is actually cheaper than what most of the domain name registrars offer.

DreamHost hosting plans when paid for a year offer you 1 year of domain name hosting a registering without paying anything for the domain.

At the moment of writing this post, DreamHost is offering special discounts, which apply when registering with them for a year or more and their higher tier plans are priced at $7,99.

4. NameCheap

Name Cheap is one of the cheapest hosting providers and domain name registrars, which can just make you purchase a domain or two, while the offers are still hot.

With name cheap you can buy basic domain names (such as .com) for $8.88 with no renewal fees or hidden taxes.

If you want to take on their new listed domain names, you can grab their sweet offers, which are starting from $0.88, but their renewals are $12.88 per year, which is cheaper what most of the other domain registrars can offer you.

In fact, Name Cheap also can offer you a free domain name of your choice for the first year if you buy one of their plans.

The only condition is that the plans should be prepaid for a year or more.

I am pretty sure that you will like Name Cheap as they offer premium caching and blazing fast speed for your website, so going for their prepaid plans is your best choice.

5. NameHero

Name Hero as mentioned is a domain name registrar, which is more web hosting oriented, but can get you a good domain name for free, with just paying for your hosting.

Name Hero has different tiered plans, which offer you better and premium website speed a free .com, .net or .org domain name.

Name Hero domain names are currently starting at $13.98, but offer email addresses and premium hosting for your new domain name.

Name Hero mostly specializes in selling hosting plans along with their domain names, so as best choice, you will have to buy a prepaid plan in order to enjoy a free domain name and later pay cheaper for it.

6. Porkbun

Porkbun is a premium domain name registrar which also offers cheap domain names at a certain price with low to no renewal fees.

A single domain from Porkbun costs you $9.13 and will not cost you more after the first year of usage.

Porkbun can always be your best friend when registering your domain name as top domain name registrar, but also has a downfall.

If you had recently registered your domain name with another domain name registrar, you will need to wait until 60 days have passed since the register of your domain.

Porkbun has only this policy and cannot help you to send your domain over to them, unless you have hit the 60 day mark.


1. Bluehost

You may have seen a lot of ads about Blue Host or see it recommended around or, but there is a reason to it.

If you haven’t heard, WordPress is not a profitable organization and they don’t take money from you, unless you sign up with, which offers hosting and a domain name.

Even most of the people sign up on for free and use their free domain name extension, which would be and cost you nothing forever.

That’s where Bluehost takes place. They are the top paying web hosting provider, which funds and helps them maintain the good work.

A reason to see so many ads about Bluehost, is because they have tons of money from their clients, which are becoming lesser.

Even though they lose clients at rapid speeds, they still offer good deals, which are starting at $3.95 for a shared hosting plan with a free domain name if you register for one year with them.

Apart from their good deals, the support is completely terrible and migrating your domain name would cost you a fortune.

Once you have a well-established website, you need a higher tier plan, right? Well, we can’t agree more, but Bluehost does not take the responsibility to migrate your website, as anything can break.

2. Hostgator

While speaking of bad domain name registrars, the biggest mistake would be to try yourself and your luck with Hostgator.

They had a really good web hosting plans and servers, but everything was changed with breakable machines, which nobody wants anymore.

The plans may be starting cheap and including a free domain name, but would you like Hostgator to be your domain name registrar and see how much downtime they have?

When you buy a domain name from a domain name registrar, you would be also expecting to have at least emails along with the domain.

With Hostgator, you will actually have to pay for the emails, as they don’t offer it for free and once you start sending out more than 500 emails per day, they may potentially blacklist and close your email accounts.

Hostgator wasn’t always like this. They were actually a good host with good uptime and a fine domain registrar, but as other hosting companies, they had to give up and sell their business.

3. Godaddy

As last and least important domain name registrar, GoDaddy takes last place. The reason GoDaddy gets sales as a domain name registrar is simply from their cheap offers of just 1 euro for a year.

But what happens when this year expires?

The renewal fees of GoDaddy are a bit different and not as good as the other domain name registrars, who are in the good list above.

After your domain name begins to expire, GoDaddy give you the renewal bill, which is more than 10 euros and a total ripoff.

If you feel like it’s a good deal to get a domain name for 1 euro and then pay the renewal fee, I would advise you to do your math correct.

The first year may be cheap, but every other year is more expensive that what you can find in any of these domain name registrars.


Now when you know which domain name registrars you should definitely try out in 2021, why don’t you leave a comment of your current domain registrar or if you use any of these, please share your thoughts.

Many people had burned themselves with renewal fees and had to lose their domain names, due to inability to keep paying them as the fees are getting higher, but as a great starter choice will never ask you for more money.

Keeping your domain away from your hosting provider is a normal choice. It can be a bit hard shifting from your web host to your domain name registrar, but if the prices are fair, it wouldn’t hurt to do 2 more clicks and feel relieved from bad prices.

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See you soon!

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