5 Best WordPress Map Plugins in 2021

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5 Best WordPress Map Plugins in 2021: Have you ever wanted to put your business on the map so clients can find you? Now you can do it with the best WordPress map plugins.

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Having a map on your WordPress website, which is showing your visitors where your business is, can be a very helpful way to interact with them.

As we all know, the most important thing is to give a reason, why should somebody stay on your website. And all of this should happen in 15 seconds.

If it takes 3 seconds, for your website to load, then it’s your problem and you have 12 seconds to show them every single thing you can offer them.

Saving up more time, can actually be helpful, but will require you to optimize the speed of your website.

The problem is not in you that visitors are unhappy. It’s in your website, so you need to be fully prepared for what your visitors would expect.

By having a faster website, you can expect less visitors exiting without checking any pages and increased page views.

The more visitors stay on your website and browse through your pages, the better for you, as Google may reward you with a top spot on the SERPs.


Map plugins in WordPress help you to display a map of your business location(s), which users can check out and visit your place, if one exists.

The WordPress map plugins are useful for non techie people, who want to save time and do not take your website speed.

Pinning your business on the Google map can increase the searches and ease up your clients if they need to come at your pinned place for discussing their needs in person.

You will also find out that having your business listed on Google My Business, you will find so much more searches and high spot rankings, that you just can’t miss a single sale.

Having your business listed in Google my business is another great way to grab the clients and make more sales.

Even if your articles are not ranking high on Google, you can still grab the top spot from Google My Business.

A WordPress map plugin will not get you listed high as much as Google My Business, but can help clients to navigate their way over to you. These plugins are also using Google Maps or any other maps application.

5 Best WordPress Map Plugins in 2021

WordPress map plugins are helpful in many ways except helping visitors find your business or increase the SEO results.

They also make your website look more professional and trustworthy.

But choosing the right map plugin for WordPress is critical, as some plugins have more functions than others.

If you just need to use a map plugin for showing where your business is listed in WordPress, then you should choose something simple.

On the other hand, if you have higher needs and cannot find it in any plugin, you may want to hire a developer to create such a WordPress map plugin, which has everything you need.


WP Google Maps is the best WordPress map plugin, which lets you to choose between 6 different map themes with great designs.

If you are using a page builder such as Elementor, you can include the maps without any kind of coding knowledge.

The free version of WP Google Maps lets website owners to add a certain amount of maps, change layouts, use street, change the map types and much more.

The pro version is much more powerful and unleashes the functionality of picture on pin usage, tracking, more templates, mixing other maps and others.

If you would like to receive a free copy of WP Google Maps, you will need to speak with the support for translating their plugin on your language.

In order to become a translator for the WP Google Maps team, you will need to be fluent in your language or at least to be native.

The support requires highly professional people, who have translational skills and in return gives a copy of the WP Google Maps pro with a never expiring date.


Interactive Geo Maps is a one of kind plugin WordPress map plugin, which can be integrated in many different ways.

You can include each of the continents and even add each of the states with its own color.

With Interactive Geo Maps you can divide each region with its own color and create multiple maps.

The map color and map type are changeable in many different ways with their multiple designs.

Each of the business places that you hold or each region can be marked with a rounded colorful map pin, to display the different regions you have a business at.

If you are unsatisfied with the free version of the plugin, Interactive Geo Maps pro is offering custom text label for each country and region, custom images on every map pin and include advanced zoom options.


The Maps Widget for Google Maps is an interactive and simple WordPress map plugin, which is meant to be placed in your WordPress widgets.

The Maps Widget plugin is really simple and its size can be customized by the desire of the website owners.

You can use any kind of color scheme while creating your maps and pin each place your business is at.

The Pro version of Maps Widget for Google Maps is a bit more powerful though. It lets you choose more than 1500 different map pins for each country, city or point your business is at.

You can also add a small lightbox map to your website, which will help users interact in a much easier and helpful way.

If you are more into interactions of the plugin, with Maps Widget for Google Maps, you can change the default URLs or even show a better designed interactive Google Map.


MapPress Maps is another great and simple WordPress map plugin, which is designed for speed and simplicity.

Without any overwhelming options and hundreds of functions, that can basically slow the website, you can directly start implementing hundreds of map designs.

MapPress is a bit different from any other WordPress map plugin that you can find as it requires an installation and setup before you can start using it.

Following the installation process is simple as it is said as MapPress highlights and explain each area that needs to be covered.

With MapPress you can create unlimited WordPress maps and start adding them to any place on your WordPress website.

This map plugin comes with 2 different blocks, suitable for the default WordPress editor, such as MapPress map and MapPress maps for WordPress.


Google Maps Easy is another great choice included in our WordPress map plugins, which can improve the searches and usability of your WordPress website.

The plugin is directly integrated with Google Maps and can help people find your business in just a few clicks.

Google Maps Easy comes predefined with many map designs and styles, which can be chosen and changed at any time without affecting the visitors view.

You can add multiple maps including rounded pins and different colors, which include text, images or even videos.

Google Maps Easy is mobile friendly and does not break the design, once one of your visitors visits your website from their mobile phone.

Once your visitors click on any of your maps they can choose to follow the route or pick a way of travelling to the path given by Google Maps.

Users can choose the main route (fastest) or use any reroute way. The plugin updates in real time setting and does not slow the speed of the website when updated.


WordPress map plugins can improve the design of your website. It will make it look more professional and can grab the eyes of the visitors.

As you may have heard, people trust businesses that have an actual working place that they can visit, over a website that only exists on the web.

If you also want to spice up your website, then you should definitely check out our fun WordPress plugins list.

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